Review: Majolica Majorca The Little Humming Book I

Here's a review on Majolica Majorca The Little Humming Book I

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There are some people who collect regular makeup, while there are some who collect limited edition makeup for the sake of coming up with a curated collection. If you're the latter, you will definitely love Majolica Majorca's limited The Little Humming Book series because it's the cutest makeup palette in this planet! Normally, I'd give a cold shoulder to palettes that contain a combination of powder and cream eyeshadows and lip gloss as they tend to look messy eventually, but I'd have to make an exception for this one 'cuz it's just too cute to miss!


The first humming book is from the Secret Garden collection, which to me is inspired by mystical flower gardens and magical rain forests where fairies and pixie dusts thrive. It's a set of soft, shimmery pastels with a touch of blackened purple.

The packaging combines everyone's desire in a makeup palette: Small, cute, compact, and lightweight. Wish it came with a mirror though.

Do you know how to play the piano? Then try playing the mini musical score that comes in this palette.  :)

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TOP ROW (L-R): Powder Eyeshadows in Flower Dust and Green Shower
BOTTOM ROW (L-R): Cream Eyeshadow in Moonless Night and Lip Gloss in Tulip Bed

1. Flower Dust- duochrome pink/white shimmer eyeshadow with pink glimmer
2. Green Shower- Mint green shimmer eyeshadow with green and silver glimmer
3. Moonless Night- Black/Purple cream eyeshadow
4. Tulip Bed- Milky pink lip gloss


On warmer skin tones, Tulip Bed fares a little lighter and you'd have to layer it on to somehow get that cute tulip pink shade on the pan-methinks it will look better on fairer skin tones. It has the same silky texture of Honey Pump Gloss, although it tends to feel heavy if layer on.

The powder eyeshadows have a silky, buttery texture and they kinda' remind me of Shiseido's eyeshadows-there's no glitter fallout too, while the cream eyeshadow is ultra pigmented, workable, and soft- no tugging to be experienced when you work it on your lids.

Moonless Night mixed with Flower Dust

Flower Dust and Green Shower, if used on their own, don't really make a huge difference since they're both good for highlighting only, but when you finally mix them with Moonless Night, you get an interesting smokey eye look and it kinda' reminds me of a starry night-the colors work together perfectly! 

Moonless Night mixed with Green Shower

The Cream Eyeshadow, however, does not have any staying power at all: It creases and fades, and I would suggest that you use it with an eyeshadow primer regardless of skin type-Same goes with the powder eyeshadows.

If you're the type who's after the packaging, you will really dig The Little Humming Book series. I'm not saying that the products are not good-they are, but I wish the overall staying power were a bit better and it doesn't fit my daily, grown-up makeup needs anymore. It's just a good everyday makeup palette for the ladies out there who are still into cute stuff, and best suits young girls because the colors are not at all mature for their taste. Again, if you love collecting limited edition stuff, get this!


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow super glam ng packaging. I wanted to try this. A super cute collection.:)

  2. omg!i didn't know how small it is until the second pic..sooo cute!! >.<

  3. the packaging looks like a real book =) and the cover is so girly =)

    i think i knew how to play piano (basics) hee hee im not that good on reading notes =(

    the lipsgloss would look pale on me for sure =( its cute though a bit pricey for a palette

    good thing the e/s were pigmenented = win!

  4. It's so small and cute haha :) I love books but I don't know how to play the piano, though.

    I don't want this for myself, though. If I had a girl na inaanak, this would be a perfect gift! :)

  5. Thnk u for your honest feedback. Im on d look out for tje best cream eyeshadow ksi d ako marunong mageyrshadow pa.

    Btw im trying to mske the shiseido maquillage work from your giveaway. Kya lng parang ang light nia. Pls do a tutorial? Hihi

  6. CJ: It's just like an address book! :D

    Eloise: I don't have that palette eh. But from the looks of it, a majority of the products are sparkle eyeshadows. The whole thing's really sheer because it's made to suit the makeup preference of the Japanese. You can use those products on top of a cream eyeshadow or a regular eyeshadow base. :)

    BrownOso: For a kikay inaanak, that is :)

    Rhain: Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I used to play piano as a kid. I miss doing it actually, but I have to buy a piano first. :)

    Ohms: Cute indeed! :)


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