Trying Out Shiseido's Foundation Finder

Foundation Finder, to me, is the closest thing to playing an online game-it's my kind of "Farmville" or "Candy Crush".

I've tried a couple of Foundation finders before and recently, Shiseido has just launched their very own version. All Foundation Finders pretty much do the same thing and that is to help you find your foundation match in a snap, but my question is, how accurate are they? Let's test Shiseido's version since it's our topic today.

My shade in all of Shiseido's base makeup is O80 Deep Ochre/Ochre. I sometimes go for O60 when my tan has gotten dull, but most of the time, it's O80 so let's refer to this shade.

Click READ MORE and let's test this baby!

Step 1: You're asked what particular coverage you prefer. Full coverage fan here! :)

Step 2:  Shiseido asks what specific benefits and effects you're looking for in a foundation. I chose Oil Control.

Step 3: Now you choose which of the skin swatches resembles your skin tone the most.

Step 4: Finally, you will be shown a set of foundation swatches-pick what you think is your shade match

According to Shiseido's Foundation Finder, I have warm undertones and my shade is Deep Ochre O80. WOOT! It was accurate, but for this specific set of preferences only. When I answered the questions again and changed my options, I got entirely different shades and even different undertones. Since I'm the type who gives chance to anything, I answered the Foundation Finder for two more times, got the shades in B100 Very Deep Beige and I100 Very Deep Ivory as the recommendations, and went to a Shiseido store and swatched them out. Surprisingly, both shades suit my skin tone. Glad to know I have other options aside from Deep Ochre O80!

In conclusion, I believe that your shade match is determined at section 2 already (Benefit) as it relies on the type of foundation/foundation benefit you choose-the shade name and coloration just depends on the line. Nevertheless, it still gives you the shade/s that are close to your skin tone in the end so I think this thing is pretty much accurate.

Wait, we're not yet through! If you click the RESULTS button at the bottom right part of section 4 (Shade), you will be redirected to the product recommendation page. My recommended foundation is Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation SPF 15. Perfect! This is my most favorite powder foundation! :)

You'll also see the following elements within the results page:

A helpful Application Tips sheet

Complementing skin care suggestions

Shiseido's Foundation Finder is concise, clean, and straight to the point that even a child can use it. Try it, it's fun! Not only that, it's also a fuss- free way for you to virtually test Shiseido's foundation products if in case you're looking at buying one in the near future.

Go ahead and play around with Shiseido's Foundation Finder HERE.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i like full coverage too! :D i have few beauty moles in my face so sometimes i like covering them up..okay i need to take this test and see what shade suits me.hehe..thanks ms. m! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, this is genius! :)

  3. i really do not know how to choose and spot the right foundation for me.. but i learned different types of it depending on what your skin needed =) amazed ako sa brush na ginamit upon applying the foundation =)

    hihi sa mismong Shiseido Workshop na naatendan ko im so happy that i was invited by ms Ro (animetics world) last april 6 (shiseido boutique located at powerplant mall)

    pansinin nyo po ms m that time kasama ko din si baby at si hubby hihi =) hindi po kasi ako sanay magtravel alone lalo pag malayo ang pupuntahan =)

    just like nung time na nagmeet and greet po tyo kasama ko din si baby at hubby hihi

  4. Brownoso: Oh it is! :D

    Rhain: Hey, that's alright. :) I would bring a companion too if I'd have to go to an unfamiliar place. :)

    CJ: welcome! :)

  5. I love that they have a lot of choices, and I'm sure that Shiseido doesn't disappoint :)


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