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Went a lil' crazy in the mall last weekend and bought a few stuff for my closet. I spent a lot, but what made me feel better after paying for these was the fact that it's really an essential haul-I'm bringing them with me to an out-of-the-country trip, another HUGE milestone for The Beauty Junkee this 2013. :)

A chiffon maxi dress with tribal prints from Forever 21. It's P865.00 only! 

A studded denim vest. Forever21 is a treasure chest of pretty denim vests, but this is the only one that really caught my attention. It's P1,400.00+, I think. Quite pricey, but at least I can wear it in a ton of outfits.

Actually, I bought the vest 'cuz it looked good with the dress haha!

I was informed that our trip will involve tons of walking activities so I bought this pair of Fuchsia Pink sneaker wedges from Skechers. It will allow me to walk comfortably while making me look tall and statuesque in photos. :D If I had it my way, I will get the original version by Isabel Marant, but it's P39,000.00+. *Faints Soon, Isabel Marant, soon. :)

Ferragamo? No, it's Ferretti! Ferretti has a ton of Salvatore Ferragamo- inspired kitten wedge shoes, (part of their new collection) for a little Audrey Hepburn touch to your corporate ensemble. I got a pair for mom because she loves Salvatore Ferragamo's shoes to death. It's not Ferragamo, but it's good enough and it's the thought that counts! Haha! :D

Hope you're all having a great day! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. bet ko yung fuchsia pink sneaker ms m =) i saw a lot of celebs wearing this =) hm po ito sa skechers =)

    (and yay for your upcoming out-of-the-country trip,, saw it from twitter yahoo! gratzie ms m =) you deserved it!)

  2. wow oh wow!now that's a haul! and yes the vest looks good on the maxi dress ms. m :) do post a pic of you wearing it! ;) hee..

  3. i love the sneakers and the shoes from Ferretti! actually, i love everything! congrats on that out of the country trip! :)

  4. So jelly of the HOLY VEST(hahaha) and the super trending SNEAKER WEDGE! I really don`t care about the brand as long as it`s a sneaker wedge. haha I personally think of getting one from either Forever21 or SnH :D

  5. the studded vest is bad ass <3

  6. I love the dress! Too bad I can't try this one because it doesn't go well with my short height :(


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