LOTD: Japan Fashion

So I brought all of my most fashionable clothes to Japan to take some swell outfit photos. Most of them are pretty thick and warm-heck, I even brought a leather jacket. The thing was, it is summer in Japan, and temperature was almost the same as Manila's. To cut this short, I ended up wearing my easy breezy dresses during the entire trip. So much for trying to be fashionable! :p

Dress: Linea Italia (comes with the mint green belt)
Footwear: Yosi Samra
Bag: Prada
Earrings: Claire's
Bracelet: Philip Charriol

I also intended to explore the city in heels, but good thing I brought my trusty Yosi Samra flats with me because the city is not heels- friendly-not at all! :p You have to be prepared to walk for hours if you want to make the most out of your stay.

Necklace: Linea Italia

What's up with the outfit? We went to Takeshita Street, home to the Cosplayers on our last day so I thought of wearing something that's apt for the destination.

Dress: Uniqlo
Shoes: Skechers
Bag: Longchamp
Bracelet: Shopaholic and Hubby
Earrings: Brickiton

Scarf: Anthologie Of The Scarf

I just encountered this fairly new local fashion brand called Anthologie of The Scarf. It is founded by Logie Tonacao after an eye- opening experience with the Aetas in one of her trips to the mountain province. A brief moment shared with the Aetas was all it took for her to start an advocacy and a new life dedicated to thanksgiving through Anthologie Of The Scarf. Logie muses "...looking at the window of their soul, I saw poverty, rough modernization, development and education...I knew I was beyond blessed with what I have, what I am and what I am capable of doing."

Every scarf you buy from Anthologie of The Scarf will go a long way in helping our brothers and sisters in the mountain province. Every two months, a part of AOFTS' sales will go to the  Aetas for the improvement of their homes, livelihood, education, health care, and basic needs. If you wish to extend a helping hand, you are very welcome to do so by visiting Anthologie of The Scarf's Facebook fan page.

I wish everyone a fasyown and blessed Wednesday! :)

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  1. i love the lace dress (your mom's bday gift on you ive been waiting when you would wear this and now finally I saw it!) =) mother's knows best talaga she know that you will look lovely and elegant with this dress =)

    hugs ms m!

  2. First time I saw you wearing rubber-shoes!

  3. the dress on the first pic is sooo pretty! :) and the second pic is cool!the shoes completed the look! :)

  4. love your outfits Miss Martha! that scarf is nice too! :)

  5. I love your clothes especially the necklace and dress!! :)


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