Review: Kerastase Elixir Ultime 24-Carat Shampoo and Beautifying Oil Masque

Here's a review on Kerastase Elixir Ultime Shampoo and Beautifying Oil Masque

Price: Shampoo- P1,483.00 Masque- P2,708.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all leading salons


We all have our little beauty luxuries in life. There are those who spend on face and body treatments, others splurge on perfume and aromatherapy products, and some would really allot a budget for salon and spa services, makeup, and skin care products. No matter how costly they turn out to be in the end, we still patronize them anyway because they're the quickest ways to have that much needed 'me time' in this busy world, and we could always use some pampering after each week!

My kind of beauty luxury? I just buy or use my extra special products and perform the procedures at home. I like it when I apply the products on myself in a ritualistic kind of way (in my books, that means slow, steady, and eats up a good amount of time. That's it! :D) because it makes me feel that I am sorta' reconnecting with myself. My most favorite activity would have to be the DIY Hair Spa because admit it, salon- based hair spas are quite pricey! Currently, my luxe hair buddies are these two new products from the Elixir Ultime 24-Carat range.


Formulated to complement Kerastase's signature Elixir Ultime hair oils, the namesake shampoo and masque are saturated with the finest beauty oils namely Argan, Camellia, Corn, and Pracaxi. If you're looking for ultra lavish hair care products, look no further. The products look and feel expensive, a duo for the woman who has a knack for the finest things in life. But don't think that they're nothing more than mere luxuries-this range does not only pamper your senses, but also delivers an intense nourishing and softening effect to your hair and scalp!

The shampoo lathers up very well, and you'd only need a dollop to produce a rich foam. It removes oil build- up on my scalp effectively and leaves my hair weightless and squeaky clean, albeit it can't soften up your hair alone despite the fact that it has a lot of oil extracts in it, so always follow up with a conditioner or the complementing masque after usage. Is that a negative thing? No. Because oil- based shampoos are really for cleansing every trace of grease and grime, whereas creamy shampoos-or those with silicone-are the ones meant for softening. In short, it does what it should.

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This has got to be my most favorite product between the two. This very rich masque is comparable to the ones used in salons, a perfect product to recreate that salon-at-home experience. 

It's a golden pot of nutrition: It drenches my hair in otherworldly moisture and softness, yet does not weigh it down nor worsen my already oily scalp. Every time I use this masque, I notice that my hair doesn't get frizzy whenever I blow-dry it-I think the oils make my hair more resistant!

Both products have the same lovely tropical floral scent of the accompanying Elixir Ultime hair oil.


Here's my hair after using the 24-Carat products, and after blow-drying it. Aside from the super smooth and soft effect, I also got really shiny and fuller- looking hair. The parts that have showcased the most significant difference were the mid-section and ends, the driest parts of my hair: They became as smooth and healthier- looking as the hair strands near my scalp right after the first usage, and even without any leave-in product, my locks stay this way for the rest of the day: shiny, healthy, and gorgeous!

The 24-Carat line simply makes any type of hair look and feel extra beautiful. Since I treat them as special products, I only use them when I want to be pampered or if I have a very important event the next day, but please don't think that this line is only for special occasions-you can use them whenever you please. This line is very good for those with severely dry, damaged, brittle, and rough hair, and those who have unruly wavy, kinky, and curly hair. If you're a fan of premium hair spas, I would suggest the Beautifying Oil Masque to you because it can last you for up to three months, depending on usage. Needless to say, it will cost you less in the long run.

I'm a lover of the Elixir Ultime Hair Oil, so I'd suggest it as well to complete your regal hair experience! :) Take it from me, Kerastase is an investment for your hair. Once you go Kerastase, you will never go back! :D


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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. why so expensiveeeee? ;( i've always heard that kerastase is soo effective!(it justifies the price).

  2. saving money for these.. i cut my hair short.. no more split ends.. now, flyaway naman sya hay =(

  3. I heard a lot of positive reviews with Kerastese + this review of yours :) And I agree with you. I love buying DIY products. I prefer doing that at home when I want the homey atmosphere. But there's a lot of establishments that offer a like-a-home environment nowadays :)

  4. CJ: Same thoughts, but I don't mind repurchasing because it's THAT good! :D

    Louise: Agree, but the good thing about these products is, you get to enjoy them anytime you please without the hassle of going out and commuting/driving.

    Rhain: I think the Elixir Ultime will do the trick. :)


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