FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Primer, Sunblock, Moisturizer- Which comes first? (EDITED)

ADDENDUM: Apologies for the mix- up of the order of application. It's supposed to be MOISTURIZER-PRIMER-SUNBLOCK. Thanks to one anonymous commenter who brought this up! :)

Happy Friday! I was absent last Friday in our FMF segment as I was on my way home from Japan. Today, we've got two questions from Stephanie and Eunice concerning primer, sunblock, and foundation/bb cream application:

Starting off with Eunice:

I'm a newbie when it comes to primers and I am currently using moisturizer and sunblock. Which of these should go first? 


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Hi Eunice!

It's moisturizer-primer-sunblock. Old skin care advice would tell you that sunblock should be closest to the skin, but recent studies have proven that applying products on top of sunblock dilutes its efficacy, so it's best that it comes last in your makeup preparation. However, putting sunblock on top of primer will affect the latter's quality and efficacy, so it's really advisable to opt for spf- infused primers (or foundation) so you get the best of both worlds.

You should allow each product to settle into your skin completely before applying another one.

Last question is from Stephanie:

I've read your Oily bible parts 1-3 and I looooooove it. :) I am now enjoying VMV and Celeteque products. However I have problems, I do not know if I can use loose powder (essence powder) on top of my (BB Cream / Armada Sunscreen). I really do not know how to pile them up, like is it really necessary to put sunblock - foundation/ bb cream - loose powder / compact powder. I've read that it is not enough that your foundation / bb cream has spf on it and you should have a separate sunblock. I'm prone to break outs and I end up using them on a schedule. I can't pile them up and I do not know how to do that. :( Also the most hard part for me is adding color to my face, I'm always maputla and I don't know what blush to buy, I also admire someone wearing a blush that is so natural. If you can recommend me one that is not expensive Ms. M I would really really appreciate it. I'm really sorry if I am such a noob on this, I really have so much to learn and you're the only person I can run to also Google is not helpful at all since answers varies and I do not know who or what to believe in. 


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Hi Stephanie!

Glad you loved my Oily Bible posts! Now let me dissect your questions and concerns, and answer them individually:

I do not know if I can use loose powder (essence powder) on top of my (BB Cream / Armada Sunscreen)

- Of course you can use Essence Cosmetics' powder-or any face powder for that matter-because you are supposed to set your liquid face base so they won't cake or melt during wear. :)

I really do not know how to pile them up, like is it really necessary to put sunblock - foundation/ bb cream - loose powder / compact powder.

- It actually depends on your preference, really. If you want to wear BB Cream, you may skip sunblock as long as the former has a decent amount of SPF in it-same thing goes with foundation. You may also skip foundation as most BB Creams have good coverage already. Primers are just optional though, but I would advise it if you want your makeup to last longer. For the order of application, refer to my answer on Eunice's query. :)

As for the blush recommendation, refer to this post called Find The Right Blush For Your Skin Tone and Find The Right Blush For Your Skin Type.

Since we're talking about sunblocks already, I'd like to clarify some things in the Fan Mail Fridays post called Retouching Sunscreen to Reversing Sun Damage: Yes, sunscreen can be retouched during wear, although you can't do so much about it especially if you have your makeup on that's why I recommend layering spf- laden products to get maximum sun defense, given that you allow each and every single product to dry up and be absorbed completely by the skin since I said in this post that spf can be diluted if mixed with another product, even with those that contain sunscreen.

 Make sure that the topmost product/s (and that's usually foundation and powder) have sunscreen so you won't have to worry about watering down your sun protection.

Hope this helps! :)

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  1. "find the right blush for your skintone" - oh my!i didn't know you have this Ms. M!thank you so much! i'm having hard time choosing the right blush for me too..thank you thank you!;D

  2. if you put primer first before moisturizer and sunblock, wouldn't that defeat it's purpose? how can it hold your foundation if there are 2 layers between the primer and foundation? i guess the best solution here is a cc cream which is a primer, moisturizer & sunblock all-in-one.

  3. Hmm. I always thought moisturizer came before primer. It just made more sense if your face base would adhere directly to the primer.

  4. Thank you soooooo much Ms.M , this really helped me a lot. Thank you thank you thank you Ms. M :) It turned out my problem is not really a problem :) I really can't go wrong with you Ms.M thank you so much.:)

  5. I was confused awhile ago since I read it was primer first then I saw your facebook status and re-read again :) thanks again for this! :)

  6. bookmarked!

    i skip primer! wah! i used moisturizer then sunblock

    btw ms m Hydrating Sunscreen SPF30 is love! thanks for this!


  7. Oh my, thanks for this Miss M. Good thing I've been reading your blog. This really helps and enlightens me :)

  8. Anonymous: Edited already. Thanks for pinpointing the mistake. :)

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    Stephanie: Thanks for reading as well. :)

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