Stila Spring/Summer Collection 2013: It's a Parade of Colors!

It's Summer somewhere in the world, (and during some days here in the Philippines too) so that clearly gives Stila the right to release a Spring/Summer 2013 makeup collection, aye? But even if summer has already passed, we could always use a dash of color to brighten up any gloomy day!

Actually, I already wrote about this collection last January-the launch date was moved to last month though, but who caaares? It's finally available so rush to a Rustan's store so you can swatch away.

I've seen the items of this collection in person, and I thought of sharing some pics and swatches with everyone. :)

These are the Countless Colors pigments, a multipurpose pigment pot that you can use as eyeshadow, highlighter, blush, or any creative something you can think of. These pigments boast of the pretty tie-dye design and FYI, even if you swirl the brush all over the pan, the colors won't stain each other. :)

The crayon- like lip colors in black tubes are the After Glow lip color, a line of moisturizing lip balms/lipsticks that are glow-in-the-dark. How innovative! I was told that they don't really give you that floating lips effect when you're clubbing or if you're in low- light areas (that would be funny!)- the lip colors will just persist to stay true and vivid even in dark places. :)

The lip products in the silver tube are the Color Balms, which was launched sometime last year. These balms are ULTRA pigmented, highly moisturizing, and has a lipstick kind of payoff. I like!

The riot we did at Stila's counter in Rustan's Shangri-La Mall. :D

Click READ MORE for some swatches! :)

Closer look at one of the Countless Color Pigment pots.

Swatches of the Color Balms

My favorite shade from the Color Balm called Maya, a terracotta red. Reminds me of MAC's Marrakesh!

Stila After Glow Lip Color in Vivid Violet. Kinda' reminds me of MAC's Heroine! Now you know the dupe! :)

My beautiful sistah, Mikki of Break My Spell! :)

Cooking up some eye makeup looks with these products, so stay tuned!

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  1. i love the e/s you got ms m =) cant wait what look you can came up with this

  2. ang ganda!stilla has gorgeous sets of e/s!can't wait for the look you can create with it ms. m! :)

  3. I wanna play around with the After Glows :) That's such a clever idea!

  4. It's so colorful! I love it! And I love your violet lips ;)

  5. Rhain: Thanks! Will try to use it soon. :)

    Louise: Welcome! i love it too! :D

    Beauty By Tellie: So true! :D Wonder how they really look like under black light. :p

    CJ: noted! :D


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