4 Healthy Skin Habits For Night Time Video

Hello! I just updated my Youtube channel. (Woot! Woot! Hurrah! Let's party! :D) In this short and sweet video, I'm sharing 5 of my personal healthy skin habits during night time. Enjoy watching!

This video, by the way, was inspired by Anne Curtis' Nightcap with Anne series on Youtube. Here's the clip. Please visit ATHENA'S YOUTUBE channel for the rest-she's discussed her night time regimen here.

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*Disclosure: This video was brought to you by Athena and The Beauty Junkee

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. aaah! yehey for a new youtube video! thanks for the tips, Ms Martha! im inlove with bifesta age care cleanser because it doesnt irritate my skin at all. and i'll definitely try Athena for my night routine :)

  2. ms martha, my idea po kayo if how much yung Athena milk? :) at wala po bang adverse reaction if i take vitamin e together with Athena? :)

  3. Its so nice to see you in action! Btw, i read that Virgin Coconut Oil is a good lip balm and make up remover? Is it true?

  4. Nice Video! Btw, i read somewhere that Virgin Coconut Oil is a good make up remover and lip balm. Is it correct?

  5. Wow new video! :) I tried Athena before, but I gained weight so I stopped. Not sure if they already changed the formula, since the packaging changed too. Will try it again, thanks for sharing Ms. M!

  6. Cristine: Thanks for watching! :) I love using bifesta if I'm wearing powder foundation only-does the cleansing trick! :)

    Maicafrances: Awww..I guess don't take it too often, or alternate it with regular non-fat milk-at least that's what I do because I'm a diet freak. :D

    Mark: Hi Mark! Nice to see a guy in here. Yes, you can because oil is meant to remove makeup. It's safer since it's food grade. :)

    Cristine: No naman because athena has vitamin E also, and vitamin e is non-acidic and won't clash with dairy. :)

  7. I didn't know you have pala a Youtube channel! It's surreal to finally hear your voice :) Subscribed!


  8. hi! just watched your video, I noticed that you use Helathy Options Vit E supplement.. I'm also using other supplements from healthy Options and watching your vid makes me wanna try Vit. E supp. as well.. thanks for sharing.. will try athena milk next month...looking forward to a beautiful me soon.. XOXO


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