The Body Shop's All Time Favorites Sale!

I was invited to The Body Shop's Blogger and LYB Members' private sale of their all- time favorites. The event was held at The Body Shop's branch in Glorietta 2.

Cupcakes, pastries, and sweets overflowed-we needed all the sugary energy we got because we played a little treasure hunting game. We were handed a list and asked to identify the ten The Body Shop best- sellers as fast as we can. Click READ MORE for the rest of this post and to know which of the best- sellers are on sale!

Paul Chuapoco of Paul The PR Guy and friends of Krissy of I Am Krissy perfecting the art of grace under pressure. LOL! :D

Anna Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter and Paul did a tag team to accomplish the mission, while I went solo. I finished second place, I think, and won the All In One Face Base compact, which is a superb product-I think I may have found a cheaper alternative for Shiseido's Powder Foundation! More about that in a detailed review! :)

Paul posing with the Bayan Ni Juan tote bag. Oh, this tote bag, by the way, is made in partnership with Bayan Ni Juan foundation and materials used were old The Body Shop posters. It comes in various colors and you can get it for free if you purchase P1,500.00 worth of The Body Shop products. :)

My new favorite! Just have to take a photo! :)

Did you know that you can ask for free samples of The Body Shop's best- selling body butters? You get to take home a sample of any body butter variant in a pot and yes, the pot is yours-recycle it and use it to store pigments, melted lipsticks, creams, or any of your beauty concoctions. :)

With Krissy, Paul, and Danica of The Body Shop. Enjoyed our life chat, Danica! Looking forward to more! (and a longer one at that! :D)

The Best- Sellers on Sale are:

1. All-In-One Face Base
2. Shiso Moisture BB Cream
3. Body Mists
4. Lip And Cheek Stain
5. Tea Tree Oil
6. Grapeseed Hair Serum
7. White Musk Perfumes
8. Body Butters
9. Vitamin E Cool BB Cream

Sale starts on August 2, 2013. Please visit THE BODY SHOP PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the sale.

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yay for sale! Will drop by! Is the sale only available at Greenbelt?

  2. I know that lip and cheek staint would be included! Haha love their body scrubs and lipbalms!

  3. I love how The Body Shop always has a a sale ;) Thanks for the heads up about the body butter samples! Not a lot of stores give out free samples to customers.

    PS. This was on the same day you reviewed the Candy Yum Yum right? Lol I recognized the top and the lippie :D


  4. Louise: Oh that I'm not sure. You can inquire via their fb fan page. :)

    Angel: Yes! :D Haha! I love my candy yum yum! :)

    Rhain: Love the body scrubs too! :)


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