#ThrowbackThursdays: Old Pinoy Beauty Commercials

Never been this hooked on Youtube! Aside from watching documentaries, short films, Dogs 101, and Cats 101, I also enjoy watching classic Pinoy T.V. commercials and my favorites would definitely have to be the old beauty commercials! Here are some of them. Enjoy watching! :D

Kokuryu commercial featuring Amalia Fuentes

- a long, long time ago, Kokuryu is the go- to brand of women at least here in the Philippines. They're very famous for their Summer Cake product and makeup removing lotion. Until now, my aunt still uses this brand!

Palmolive commercial featuring Alice Dixon

- The commercial that catapulted Alice Dixon to stardom. (I think even Shiela Ysrael!) "I can feel it!" with matching shoulder twitch is the most iconic part in their jingle! Can't stop chuckling after watching this commercial! :D

Caronia commercial

- LOL! This is the old Caronia commercial that I talked about in my recent post about their brand! :D

Click READ MORE for more entertainment! :D

Colgate commercial featuring Nora Aunor

- It's Maria Leonora Theresa promoting Colgate! :D

Lux Soap commercial featuring Sharon Cuneta, Kris Aquino, and Kuh Ledesma

- Last but not the least, here's a nice commercial by Lux from the 80's that features three of the most prominent celebrities during that time.

What are your favorites among the five? I choose Caronia, Kokuryu, ('cuz seriously, it's funny!) and Palmolive! :D

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Amazing...Kuh Ledesma still looks the same today O__O

  2. I haven't seen any of these. Di pa siguro ako naabutan neto. Hehe! I do remember though that one Lux commercial with Lucy Torres in it. She was so beautiful!


  3. Aviva: So true! Also at Shawie, except the weight. :)

    Angel: Yes! That commercial launched her and gaaad she hasn't aged!

  4. I stumbled to this blog post hihi nakakatuwa, I'm not yet born when they aired these commercials. I do not remember anything like this. Thanks TBJ for sharing


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