Cool Hauls :D

Nothing makes you happier than accomplishing everything on your shopping list! Yesterday, I went to Market! Market! to search for these long- time, lemmings of mine and happily found them!

The first one is this: Everlast Boxing Gloves for Women in Pink. I even went as far as Trinoma to look for these, only to find out that Market! Market!-the mall nearest me-has it. They even have a couple of stocks! If you're following me on Instagram, (it's TheBeautyJunkee 'yo!) you'll know that I'm addicted to boxing lately. :)

Aren't they cute? Tough- looking but chic! :)

More hauls when you click READ MORE.

If you're wondering where I got it, it's from Juego Outlet Store, 4th fl., Market! Market!, Makati City. It's P1,950.00 and as of this writing, they only have two stocks left: 10oz and 14oz. Hurry hurry! These Pink gloves are major best- sellers! :)

Last but not the least, this portable lightbox from CD-R King. I had to replace my old Lightbox after I had accidentally bleached its cloth background. Besides, it's a little huge! This Lightbox comes with 4 cloth backgrounds: red, blue, black, and white.

Everything fits in this small pouch. How handy, eh? If you're interested, it's only 880php and you can get it from CD-R King. :)

Putting my Lightbox to the test!

Unluckily, the colored cloth backgrounds are not that nice in photos due to those severe folds. :( I guess I'll have to iron 'em!

When all else fails, go for white! Now this is much better! :) By the way, this full- sized Ibuki set will go to one lucky The Beauty Junkee reader soon-just help me go to Japan. It's easy, I'm telling you. Keep an eye for the giveaway blog post. :)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love your new lightbox =) and dear it costs less 1k!

    i saw the same gloves from ms donna too =) hmm bloggers turn to boxers! (self-defense + health conscious) if i could turn back into sports i would play badminton again! =)

  2. Nice, so that's the secret pala to your blog photos! :)

  3. Saw your IG vids boxing, nakakaloka! Nakakapagod sya ng bongga! Hehe..
    The pink boxing gloves are cuuuute! Parang it's saying, "i'm kikay but don't dare mess with me!"

  4. Wow! I really want to win your cool giveaways! Keep us updated :) loooove your blog. I'm learning na, I have a chance pa to win freebies hehe

  5. Cool lightbox Ms. M , yan pala tawag jan akala ko cloth lang yan. :P
    I admire you so much,nakakapag exercise ka kahit busy sched. Of course we are so willing po to help you go to Japan :D

  6. A kikay boxer! Cute, I saw the same pair of gloves from Alyanna Martinez. Girl na girl. :)

  7. The lightbox is great 'coz it's travel-friendly. :) Nice steal for just Php880! :)

  8. the gloves are so cute! sooo you Miss Martha! :)

  9. Now i know the reason behind the sexy and fit body! Haha. :)

  10. wow! those gloves are sooo cute! athletic with a hint of girly/kikay side :D will look forwrd to that post! :D would love to help u :)

  11. I've been taking pics using my trustee illustration board and natural light. I *NEED* that lightbox - didn't even know there was one! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  12. It's so hard to find 8oz girly gloves :( I love the color that you got. I want one like that too!

  13. I'm wondering how to take out the folds and stuff in the cloth because they told me in CD-R King that ironing will burn it :(

  14. Rhain: Welcome! Used to play badminton too, until my coach retired. He was my ultimate fave and maybe that's the reason why I dropped badminton. :p

    Ari: Put the cloth under a cotton tee then start ironing. :)

    BrownOso: Thanks! :) Yeah. :( 8oz is pretty small. You can always ask Juego and reserve one for yourself. :)

    Pau: CDR King it is! :) Welcome and thanks for dropping by too :)

    Fati: Thanks! :D

    Mary: Thanks dear! :)

    Issa: Haha. True! :D

    Patty: it is! :D Can't fit a lot of stuff though. :p

    Ravene: Yeah! Even the enciso sisters have it. :)

    Stephanie: If you wanna be fit, you will make a way. Thanks dear! :D

    Mj: Thanks! :D

    Angel: The former light box has better cloth and produces better photos though. But I like this one 'cuz it's so handy. :)

    Anne22: True! It's so tiring but I love the way it makes me feel :)


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