DKNY Be Delicious: Help Their Commercial Arrive at a Delicious Ending!

DKNY's iconic fragrance, Be Delicious, a luscious classic that captures the spirit of NYC and the quintessential youthful woman who's full of charm, life, and oozing with glamorous, playful sensuality has a newly- launched interactive app on Facebook for Be Delicious fans (and everyone) to enjoy.

The app features the new Be Delicious commercial with their newest face, Marloes Horst. And this is not just any commercial that you watch and marvel at the elements-the new Be Delicious commercial, as it aims to celebrate New York City as a place filled with possibilities and how Be Delicious is every bit of that, wants you to create the whole story! See how this app goes after the cut, and check out my super cheesy ending! :P

When you click the BE DELICIOUS app, you will be redirected to the actual commercial.

As the commercial goes on, you will be asked a series of questions that are essential to creating your own Be Delicious commercial. Here are some of the questions:

I chose Brooklyn.

All of the above!

Can you guess? Of course I chose that hottie! :D

The ending I chose was A DELICIOUS NEW ROMANCE. See? Cheesy! :D

I think the DKNY Be Delicious scent that best represents me is Be Delicious Fresh Blossom-it's my most favorite Be Delicious variant anyway! Gosh, this reminds me so much of college days! Will write a review soon! For now, please try out the app-it's for free and it's super fun! You can either use your own story, create an ideal fairytale, or just express that storyteller side of you--do whatever that floats your boat-just help them arrive at a happy ending! :D

Visit DKNY FRAGRANCES on Facebook to learn more about the Be Delicious line.

Click HERE to go straight to the Be Delicious app.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. when i heard dkny this apple-shaped bottle of their perfume is the first thing came in my mind

    cant wait for the reviews. (yeah, i admire how you give your perfumes the right way to describe the scent, naiimagine ko lang feeling ko naaamoy ko na)

  2. Ang cute nung app! Haha. I clicked the link of the app immediately after i saw your blog review of it. Haha. I tried and tested to click a different answer to see the results. Haha

  3. haha. nice. I would have picked the same ending! I love cheesy endings.

  4. I tried DKNY's Be Delicious, the color green. And it's so bango! I love it!
    I tried the app din, it's fun nga! hehe.. I tried different scenarios, tapos ang cute ng guy! definitely eye-candy!

  5. Rhain: Thanks dear. :)

    Anne_22: Yup! I've tried it for a couple of times too just because I wanted to have a ton of glimpses of the guy lol!

    Ravene: LOL! Guess we're both hopeless romantics haha!

    Mary: What a nice way to relax or kill time, no? :D


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