FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: What's the ideal lip balm to use with matte lipsticks?

Talk about delayed posts. Ugh! Sorry, been so busy this week as I have been trying to finish some work so I could sleep all day this weekend! Now here's a short and sweet Fan Mail Fridays post to end your week here at The Beauty Junkee. Thanks to Lyra from California for sending this question!

Hi Martha! 

I'm Lyra and I'm a Filipina living in California. I moved here two years ago with my husband and like you, I am a certified makeup lover. I love reading beauty blogs because bloggers have helped me so much in choosing the right products for me, especially in maximizing my money. The problem is, I can't relate to American or caucasian beauty bloggers because I don't have their skin type/color. After an exhaustive search, I found your blog four months ago and was more than happy because you're a morena like me and you're a Filipina! 

Okay I'm talking so much. The reason why I'm writing to you is because I want to know what lip balm you can recommend to go with matte lipsticks. I have very dry lips and it can't stand matte lipsticks, not even 20 minutes! This saddens me because matte lipsticks are my favorite, but I can't wear them. Your expert advice would surely help! 

Many thanks, and I hope by the time I go back to the PH to visit my family, you'll be having a meet and greet. I will surely go! *crossing fingers 


Hi Lyra!

Thanks for the sweet words! Glad to meet another overseas reader! Does this mean The Beauty Junkee should go global now? LOL! Imma write that down on my dream book! :D

I have very dry lips and matte lipsticks are my favorite too so I know your plight. But thanks to my Hurraw! Lip Balm Night Treatment, I can wear matte lipsticks painlessly whenever I want to. You might want to try this product to alleviate your problem.

Dry lips can be treated as long as you provide utmost care to it: Drink lots of water, exfoliate twice to thrice a week depending on the severity of your problem, and apply lip balm before hitting the sack or even if you're just at home to continually treat your lips.

It's not really advisable to put lip balm underneath matte lipsticks because you'll just end up destroying its wonderful finish. But I've found out that you can use a matte lip balm to go along with it. It will act as a shield between your lips and the matte lipstick so your lips can stay crack- free all day or for hours, at the very least. Nivea Men's lip balm is a good and affordable matte lip balm. However, there will be slight changes on the finish of matte lipstick once you use lip balm with it, but it's not that considerable, at least to me.

Currently, this is the lip balm I'm using with matte lipsticks, especially when my lips are misbehaving and cracking up badly. Click READ MORE to find out what this product is.

Voila! Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. Why? Because Beeswax has a more matte texture compared to petrolatum or oil- based lip balms. (Duh! Haha!) Actually, any Beeswax- based lip balm will do, but Burt's Bees is widely accessible. Beeswax, on its own, may feel a lil' heavy though and may feel heavier once you top it with matte lipstick. But being beautiful ain't easy-if you want to sport matte lipstick despite your dry lips, I'm afraid you'd have to deal with the weight. :D

There are some people who react negatively to Beeswax though, so make sure to test it first. Beeswax won't guarantee that you'll have super smooth lips with matte lipstick, but in my experience, it keeps my lips flake- free for hours.

Hope this helps! Have a fabulous Friday!

How to prevent matte lipstick from drying up your lips HERE.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Looks like I've been using the wrong lip balm. I use chapstick and sometimes nivea. I hated the shiny look so my matte lipstick is just in my makeup bag, unused. But yay for this! Will surely buy one so I can use matte lipsticks :)

  2. Im a lipbalm person ;) why? Cause i always do have chapped lips ive tried different brands like avon nivea maybelline.tbs.korres.lipice.magic tink tint and still searching for the one hee thinking of carmex or eos ;) i have matte lippie ung please me ng mac it dries out my lips so easily kya i topped it with mary kay lip gloss n lang ;) thanks for the recommendation ms m im gonna include this sa list ko mwah

  3. Burt's Bees is unlike most lip balms I have. The texture is a little rough, but I like the way it smoothens my lips in the process. However, my friend (who has very dry lips) isn't very much into it because it's not as moisturizing daw as compared to his Chapstick.

  4. I used to slather on lipbalm before using matte lipstick. I found it funny that my matte lipsticks always turned out shiny. LOL

    What I do now is I put on tons of petroleum jelly after brushing my teeth, I let it settle while taking a shower, then I wipe it off gently with a towel. My lips will feel so soft and smooth. Then I just put on my matte lipstick. :)

  5. Louise: Carmex is better used with glossy or satin lipsticks. :)

    BrownOso: Great tip! I do that sometimes, but I tend to forget so what I do is before going to sleep, I put tons of lipbalm so the next morning, my lips are super smooth and the feeling lasts all day :)

    Rhain: You're welcome Rhain. :D

  6. That was a good question. Buti na lang my lips doesn't go dry with matte lipsticsks (even with mac retro mattes).

    But if I really have to put lipbalm. I put it on right after brushing my teeth, and then I let it sit and wipe it off before I put on the matte lipstick.

    But your nivea men's lipbalm trick looks interesting. I might just try that too.

  7. Love your lipstick! May i know what lipstick you are wearing? Thanks!

  8. Great article. But what kind of lipstick you are using now?


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