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My recent order, Apple Garde's Rain and Stain Water Repellent spray for leather bags was declined by My Shopping Box as they deemed it as Flammable. :( Lesson learned for you and me: Don't order flammable stuff (those in aerosol cans) when you're using GCASH American Express Virtual Pay because My Shopping Box does not allow it. I filed a return for the item and thankfully, Amazon allowed me to do so, but I'm still waiting for My Shopping Box's response on whether they were able to return the item or not-the item must be returned before September 15, 2013! I hope I can still get a refund! :(

Anyway, I've been a lurker of Purse Forum lately-this international website of luxury bag brand lovers-and as a diligent momma, I researched about the best leather conditioners in the forum-I'm not happy with my Coach Leather Moisturizer and couldn't stand its awful smell any longer. Besides, the Balenciaga bags need a moisturizer-but not just any kind of leather moisturizer-when they age and start to dry up--I know that won't be happening anytime soon as my bags are very new, but I just want to be ready when that happens!

I had three choices: Lovin' My Bags' Beauty and Shine Moisturizer, Apple's Leather Conditioner, and this, Leather Honey Leather Moisturizer. Was supposed to get Lovin' My Bags', but changed my mind when I read that it needs to be reapplied every week and has this off- putting fragrant smell-I want my Balenciagas smelling like leather, so thanks, but no thanks. Apple, on the other hand, had mixed reviews: Some said it was awesome, some said it wasn't that moisturizing, but the common comment was it has this tendency to remove a bit of the bag dye if you're not careful when using it. Yikes! Leather Honey had lots of good reviews, and a lot of the tPFers (What Purse Forum members are called) said that it's best for Balenciagas as it restores a bit of the color when it's faded already and gives back that super smooshy texture and gorgeous shine that all Balenciaga lovers first fell in love with. (Could totally relate to that!) It can also be used with any type of leather though. I ordered the 8oz bottle last night using my trusty Gcash American Express Virtual Pay. Can't wait! 

Hmmm...where will I use it? Oh! I know! On the handles of my Prada Tessuto Gaufre'-the bottom part of the handles, the one that comes into contact with my hands are starting to fade into a soft black color with small white patches already. I'll see how miraculous Leather Honey really is and will get back to you guys on that! :)

Oh, I also signed up for a free trial for Amazon Prime, which is like their premium membership. It wasn't really free as Amazon took around $1 from my virtual wallet for the free trial. Amazon Prime is really $79 annually, and these are the perks of a Prime member. I just availed the free two- day shipping for my order. My trial expires on October 9, 2013 and by the way, if you want to try Amazon Prime, be sure to turn off your membership as Amazon will automatically upgrade you to the $79 fee right after the expiration date. That is, if you want more time to think if it's for you or not, but if you have thoroughly enjoyed the perks, continue! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Martha! I'm really interested to know how this product will work out for you. Can it be used for the Longchamp Le Cuir? Your posts about cleaners are putting a bit of pressure on me to take care of my bags more by using cleaners/creams available on the market. :)

  2. Hi Ms. M! I really want to buy from Amazon, and I've seen this Amazon Prime. Is it still free to ship here in the philippines? Thank you! :)

  3. i was wowed how well you take good care of your bags ms m =) i read a lot of bag hauls from foreign bloggers but none of them hauled for items like these: bag moisturizers and bag cleansers / bag conditioners dito lang sa blog mo ms m ko nagkaron ng idea na aside face lang ang minomoisturize pati pala bags =) hahay yung mga cloth bags ko kasi i washed them tapos konting downy okay na ulit =) having leather bags pala needed extra more care para tumagal yung good condition nila =)

    wow, the joy of learning more =)

  4. I would love to get something like this, but most of my bags are made of faux leather! Haha. Would this be just as effective on faux?


  5. Jennifer: Hi Jen! :D Leather Honey, according to the girls in Purse Forum can be used for any type of leather. I'll try it on my Le Cuir as well because it's starting to stiffen and dry up. Will get back to you with my results. :) For leather bags, you really need to moisturize them when they hit the 1 year mark to help preserve the beauty and quality of the material. :)

    Gen-Zel: Hi Gen-Zel, I think for international shipping, no. It's best to use GCASH Amex so somebody will handle the package's shipment to PH, not unless you know someone living the US who will facilitate the shipment for you. :)

    Angel: Hi Angel! I think this will only work on real leather. :) For faux leather, petroleum jelly will or an unscented body lotion will do. :)

    Rhain: Yes I take real good care of my bags because they are really pricey. :) They're not something that I can easily buy any day so the best option is to take care of them. Leather is skin and just like human skin, it needs to be moisturized. :)

  6. Really, unscented lotion? Sige, ma try nga later. Thank you!! Haha


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