Review: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Espresso Ink and Black Ink

Here's a review on Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner in Espresso and Black Ink

Price: P1,450.00
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Other Locations: Available in the following Bobbi Brown Branches: Rustan's Makati, Shangri-La Mall, SM Mall Of Asia, Ayala Center Cebu, Essences Powerplant Mall


Whatever happens, I'll always be a Gel liner gal because nothing beats its beautiful matte finish, and the way it defines eyes naturally. Another reason is I always find it easy to create perfect lines with a gel liner, regardless if I have time or if I'm on the go. Now that I've tried Bobbi's cult favorite Long-Wear Gel Liner, I think I'll be sticking to gels again and for a long time! :)


This product has earned numerous awards in prestigious magazines, and still stands as one of the favorite eye makeup products from Bobbi Brown by makeup lovers and makeup artists alike. It gives the look of a liquid eyeliner, is water- resistant, and smear and crease- proof.

What I have are two essential colors-based on my opinion-from this collection: Black Ink and Espresso Ink. 

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From Top to Bottom: 1- Espresso Ink swatched lightly 2- Espresso Ink swatched heavily 3- Black Ink swatched lightly 4- Black Ink swatched heavily

First time I used this gel liner, I immediately noticed how nice its texture is: Soft, creamy, yet never messy and runny, doesn't drag and clump (in fact, it stays even even if you layer it on), and sets really efficiently, as in you have enough time to create your desired eyeliner length and shape before it sets and becomes budge- proof. It truly is transfer- resistant, thus you don't need to close your eyes or look down for a few minutes to prevent it from smudging your upper lid. It's very pigmented, and finish is a soft kind of matte making it great for everyday, discreet eye definition. Some of my makeup artist friends love using this on editorials featuring natural or 'no makeup' makeup because of the very natural- looking finish. I've heard others say that gel liners take time to use not unless you're using something with an excellent texture like Bobbi's-I achieve lean lines with this product in 3 minutes flat!

Rubbed forcefully with a soaked wet wipe approximately 30 seconds after swatching

This photo goes to show that this baby is indeed water- resistant and tear- proof! :)


Black Ink is a jet- black shade great for bold definition and for night time looks.

Espresso is described as a 'black brown shade', but it's more of a coffee bean brown shade to me. Best for soft definition, and for fair- skinned girls who want a non- obvious eye liner.

Indeed, this product lasts all day with no fading as long as you set your lids with a loose/pressed powder or powder eyeshadow. I've read blog reviews saying that this product fares wonderfully on oily lids, but that is not the case with me sometimes: When the weather is extremely hot and I sweat like an athlete, it fades and runs for a teeny weeny bit at the end of the day though, but dusting a good amount of powder on my insane oily lids beforehand is enough to keep the product intact. On cool and relaxed days, I have no problems with it. Overall, it does not need an eye primer.

In conclusion, I would say that this eyeliner is kinda' worth the moolah because the texture alone is enough to make me buy it, but I wish it were somewhat oil- resistant. (This is something to consider for those with extremely oily lids) Normally, gel liners would start to stiffen after a month or two and application becomes sucky, but not with this one-I've had Espresso Ink for over one or two month/s now and it's still as nice as the first time I used it. Between this and the pencil version, I'd recommend this one because nothing beats the original, always.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I want this! But im not fond of applying eyeliner since i cant get my right side as perfect as my left :( how did you apply this pala? Brush?
    The black looks so pretty on you :)

  2. i had the bobbie brown beauty evolution book and im loving it, i understand the importance of being beautiful, confident and caring for your self as a whole.

    even that i havent tried anything from bobbie brown i felt that i have used it via reading your bobbie brown product review posts, from their makeup palettes, to lipstick and to foundation, yup naabsorb ko lahat and im planning to get them kapag nagtuloy tuloy na yung freelance ko as makeup artist, (ehem nasa level 1 palang naman po ako ms m) and your makeup tips, beauty tips HELPED A LOT, seriously. and im thankful that i found your blog and learn a lot more than i expected =)

    i applied yung learnings ko sa posts mo ms m kahit ibang brand ang gamit ko =) (kung anu yung available)

    i messed up when applying eyeliners lalo na yung liquid, so i love eyeliners in cream/gel type and pencil liners =)

    practice more para maperfect =)

  3. I am super in love with Bobbi Brown products tlga - eversince! <3

    True, gels are hard to use at times but the effect they give are just flawless - I love it, too!

  4. Pretty!! This is really good for girls who has oily lids, like me. It will save us from the embarrassment of having the melted panda look! lol.

  5. I've never tried a gel liner. I have a skittish hand with liquid liners and sometimes even with pencil liners. I have a gel liner from Maybelline but I've never opened it. But since you said iba yung finish ng gel liners, I'm looking forward to it na :) Hopefully it's not as hard to apply as liquid liners! :)


  6. Mary: Hi Mary! Yes, I used an eyeliner brush. I have a post on how to apply eyeliners correctly. :)

    angel:It depends on what product you're used to. I, on the other hand, am having a hard time using liquid than gel liners. Like what they say, practice makes perfect! :D

    Anne: So true! :D

    Aisha: Hi and welcome to my blog! Me too! Been using Bobbi Brown for more than 5 years now. :)

    Rhain: Hi Rhain! so happy to know that my blog has helped you a lot. :D I wish you nothing but success in your journey to becoming a pro makeup artist. :)

  7. yay youre so sweet ms m thanks a lot =)


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