Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals: On Walking Peacefully

I think everyone-at one point in our lives-has experienced the pure softness and smoothness of a Yoga Mat, and the sheer, pleasurable feeling of just sitting or lying on it, relaxing away and trying to melt all body tensions. I don't do Yoga (tried it and it wasn't for me), but I have a Yoga Mat at home-my mother used to do Yoga, but she got busy and stopped, and went back to swimming as exercise since it was really her first love. We kept our Yoga mat and I particularly use it during summer siestas at home, when cotton comforters and bed sheets just feel too warm on the skin. I spread it across the linoleum floor, grab the electric fan and put it right smack on my face while it's on speed number 2, and while my dogs comfortably lie either on my side or by my feet-it's like a modern banig to me: portable, easy to keep, but provides more comfort and gentle cushioning to my back.

Now Sanuk, the brand who popularized the 'Sandal Shoes' has come up with a great idea for the good ol' Yoga mat: They took it to a whole new level and turned it into footwear! Namaste!

Sanuk's Yoga Mat Sandals collection is made with real Yoga mat material for feel- good walking. The as-soft-as-clouds Yoga mat footbed adapts to the curves and movement of your feet while providing superior cushioning, and Sanuk's signature, durable Happy U rubber sponge constitutes the outsole for a lightweight stride.

It comes in four styles and in fashionable, tantric designs that will just make you say "Ohmmmm." Click READ MORE to see the whole collection!





I got a pair of Yoga Slings-the cloth strap makes it perfect for grocery trips to lunch with friends-the super light and smooth cloth strap sits comfortably on my ankles! I brought this pair with me to Hong Kong to accompany me while shopping, and I don't remember a time wherein my footbed felt weary-that's how might comfy this pair is! :)

For more information about this collection, please visit SANUK PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is a pair that my mom would love. It's my parents wedding anniversary soon and I'm thinking my brother and I will get her one of that. And something from Sanuk too for my dad. Thank you so much!

  2. I'm the type of person that would really rather go for comfort than style. :) I happen to like Yoga sling very much!


  3. i love purple color and im gonna save for this one =) i love slipons/sandals that is comfty

  4. Angel: Oh you will love the Yoga Slings! One of the softest sandals I've worn. :D

    Rhain: You will love this! :D Actually, I don't know anyone who doesn't. :p

    Louise: awww...Sweet! Your mom will surely love this pair. Advanced happy anniv to your parents!: D


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