The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Range- Say Goodnight To Dirt!

Chamomile has always been the classic natural product that we've come to associate with relaxation and sleep. My BF loves enjoying a cup of hot Chamomile tea before heading home.

I guess it's quite fitting to introduce a skin care series that utilizes the calming and soothing properties of Camomile: if it relaxes the system, it will definitely help relax the skin. So friends, bid dirt goodnight and say hello to The Body Shop's new Camomile Cleansing Range.

Made with Fair Trade Camomile extracts, the new Camomile range helps you get rid of makeup gently and effectively giving you skin that's ultra fresh and clean, and just about ready to wander off to dreamland anytime!

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Smooth, creamy cleanser that melts into a cushiony oil that effectively lifts away makeup.


Non- oily makeup remover for the eyes that takes away washable makeup easily. Made with over 100 Camomile flowers.


This dual- phase toner is built to remove waterproof and long- wearing eye and lip products in a jiffy.


Light and supple oil melts away all types of makeup in a flash! Made with skin- softening oils and skin- calming Camomile Oil.


Complete your cleansing regimen with the new Muslin Cloths made with Fair Trade 100% organic cotton cloth. Muslin Cloths provide a gentle scrubbing effect so you can take away dead skin cell piles naturally. Dip in hot water, allow to cool down for a little, and leave on top of your face to help dislodge pores.

This Waterproof Eye and Lip Makeup Remover is part of my September favorites! The other items I wanna try are: Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Butter, and Muslin Cloths. How about you?

The new Camomile Cleansing Range is now available in all local The Body Shop stores. Please visit THE BODY SHOP PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the line.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. review po ms m =) does it sting your eyes? no blurr vision after use like other eye/lip makeup remover? is it mild to use ms m like the bifesta?

  2. I wanna try the cleansing oil too and the muslin cloths.:) This is nice, chamomile is a good addition to a skin products, i think. hehe I have been using St. Ives make up remover and facila cleanser with chamomile extract and it's effective in removing my mascara and eye make up off plus I don't break out which is the most important thing. hihi.

    Will wait for your review on this line :)

  3. wow new range of cleaning products from body shop! I love the cleanser! Will save up for that!

  4. Hmm, I don't like the smell of camomile Ms. M amoy bulaklak. Huhuhuhu. Pero naintriga ako sa cloth , may bago nanaman di pa nga ako nakabili konjac sponge. Hehehe.

  5. Hi Ms. M! Can you please write a review for the waterproof eye and lip make up remover? Thank you!

  6. i want to try the cleansing oil! 'coz i really don't wear makeup since i don't have any except for a lipbalm. haha. but i would love to try the muslin cloth! it looks effective and good! :)

  7. Rhain: Nope! Not at all! It has better waterproof makeup removing powers than bifesta :)

    Mary: Yup! that's very good for all- natural scrubbing :)

    Anonymous: Yes I will! :D

    Fati: Me too! I want the cream cleanser! :D

    Ravene: Thanks for sharing your current skin care faves. Yes, I think I can review it this week :)

    Stephanie: This one is unscented! :)


Thank you for your comments!