Hong Kong Diaries 3: Causeway Bay Shopping

Went back this year to Hong Kong and this time, I've stayed in the Hong Kong island where the famous Causeway Bay is located. Causeway Bay, by the way, is one of the hottest shopping spots in the country. To me, Kowloon is more of a street shopping district while Causeway Bay is a haven for shopping malls and towering boutiques. I'll take you around in this post!

The hotel I stayed in is called Lanson Place.

Lanson Place is one of the premium hotels in the area and boasts of their boutique- style rooms. I got a regular room and it can accommodate one to two people. In Hong Kong, land space is very precious, thus regular rooms are pretty small. I don't know if they offer suites though, but if they do, I bet they're not that huge.

My room's very homey and cute-in fact, it somewhat reminded me of my own bedroom.

Here's a shot of the bathroom.

There's also a pantry where you can heat up packed food or even cook food! The bottled beverages and snacks are free, btw. So cool-it's the first hotel I stayed in wherein I didn't have to pay extra for the room snacks!

Click READ MORE and let's start 'shopping' at Causeway Bay! :D

Lanson Place has a very good location because it's very near the main shopping road-just a mere 5- minute walk and you're here! This street is a long stretch of malls and on-street stores. Sogo Mall is here too, but I didn't have a chance to visit it. 4 days ain't enough to go around Hong Kong! :D

Took this shot while chilling in Starbucks with one of my dearest friends who now resides in Hong Kong.

IKEA! My friend brought me to Ikea and it was heavenly! I started to have this thing for cute and nice furniture when I finally had my own bedroom. The furniture in Ikea aren't that expensive and how I wish I could've brought this white work table with me (including the office chair and Chicago- style racks) if not for the extra hassle. I could imagine how good it will look in my room. :p

Next up is DFS Galleria. Products here are cheaper, of course, because it's Duty Free. Wish we have it in the Philippines!

Giorgio Armani cosmetics! My fave! :D Sorry for the not-so-pleasing photo because picture- taking is not allowed here! :D I bought Face Fabric foundation for my mom.

Next is Hysan Place, which is right beside DFS GALLERIA. It's a mall that carries curated and specialty boutiques.

One of the stores in Hysan Place is Chanel cosmetics. Didn't have time to go around though as I had to meet up with someone for lunch!

TIP: July is the beginning of typhoon season in Hong Kong, same with the Philippines. When typhoon 3 strikes in Hong Kong, all malls including side street stores will be closed down for public safety, except restaurants and hospitals. If you want an uninterrupted shopping experience, visit during the summer season!

Innisfree! It's right in front of Hysan Place and DFS Galleria.

Before leaving, I made sure to drop by this place because some of my fellow delegates from Korea for Mary Kay's One Woman Can campaign said that it's the best- selling affordable cosmetic brand in their country. I got the Jeju Volcanic Mask and No Sebum powder and I'm loving both! :)

Spotted this pop- up tiangge of some sort. It's beside Innisfree and you can find affordable stuff here such as cellphone cases, trinkets, clothes, and certain fashion accessories.

Times Square! This is where Filipina OFWs gather and meet during off days. I even met some Kababayans who helped me find my way around the area. :)

Lane Crawford! It's the destination for those who can afford to go on a luxury shopping spree. :)

Here are some of the brands to be found here:

Vivienne Westwood

Sulwhasoo, a high- end Korean skin care and makeup brand.

Anteprima Bags, the maker of the popular Wirebags. Hmmm...I think I want one! :D

And this is the one that I truly want! Yves Saint Laurent! :D Soon enough, YSL Chyc Cabas and Tribute Sandals, you will be mine! :D

Other shops in Lane Crawford include Zara, Marks and Spencers, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Coach, Mulberry, Bottega Venetta, and there's even a department store.

Here's one of the on- street boutiques that I spotted in the area: Jack Wills, a famous British brand of outer and casual wear.

Designs are very cute, but the items come at a hefty price tag though. :p

I walked for almost four hours and boy, that got me really hungry so my friends and I stopped by this food vendor by the street to replenish man fuel. It's just like our local Barbecue stalls as it carries pig ears, innards, egg fritters, seafood balls, and skewered dimsum. The best- selling street delicacy here is the Egg Waffle: It's a creamy, lightly sweet sheet of buttermilk batter with egg- shaped designs. Yummy!

Barely had three hours of sleep when I arrived in Hong Kong, but I didn't mind because I'm with my dearest friends who I haven't seen in a long time!

That's all for my Causeway Bay shopping experience. In the next posts, I'll take you back to Kowloon and we'll visit the top bargain shopping spots in Hong Kong, Prince Edward and Mongkok! :D

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  1. Thank you Ms.M for the tour. :) Mejo nagulat lang ako hindi siguro ito yung shopping day mo kasi bukod sa foundation for Mommy wala ka na binili. :) Hehehe. I like your room too and nabilib naman ako sa free snacks and drinks. :)

  2. wow! parang nag travel din ako upon looking on the pics and reading this post ;) and I drooled over the barbecue stalls! ohhhh :)

  3. thanks for giving me a tour....you got a very nice bedroom... looks like you really had fun :)


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