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Another Media Milestone for me and The Beauty Junkee! Last month, Kat Patiño-Marquez of Hinge Inquirer contacted me and asked if I would be willing to be featured on Southern Magazine's September 2013 issue. Southern Living is a free magazine available in various establishments around the south part of the metro, primarily in restaurants and coffee shops. It has a counterpart called Northern Living, and it can be found in the northern areas. 

Anyway, I said yes, and they asked me to come over to their office for a photo shoot. Normally, mag features-including photos and answers to the interview queries-are just accomplished via email, but this one is different.

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Little did I know that it was not just a small feature-it's a BONGGA, full page feature! :D I'm ecstatic! :D

One of my fantasies is to become a cover girl for magazines. My name's on the cover, so I guess that'll do for now LOL! :D

If you spot Southern Living's September 2013 issue, please check it out and read all about my beauty tips, fun facts about my blog, and my Spend and Save product picks. :)

Here's the full interview:

1.     How did you get into blogging?It started out in college, 2009, when I was burned out by all my academic and theatrical tasks. (I took up Theatre Arts in UP Diliman) One time, instead of doing my homework, I decided to look up this particular blush online to get an idea of the shade and Google showed up tons of links to beauty blogs. That time, I never knew they existed. Curious, I clicked on one blog link and was impressed with how these beauty bloggers talked about makeup and how their readers interacted with them. The main reason why I put up The Beauty Junkee was because I got excited at the idea of discussing makeup without any hesitation, inhibition, and judgment and above all, with people who share your love for it. Makeup is something that I can talk about all day, but unfortunately, my friends and family members cannot.

     Have you always had an interest in beauty products? - I’ve always been a beauty enthusiast-My interest on it started as early as 6 years old. Whenever I feel sad, I primp myself-makeup never fails to amaze me.

      Did you study in makeup classes at all or is it a passion for you? No, because makeup artistry is not really my passion. I like makeup, but not primping other people, although I can. A lot have been telling me to pursue a career in makeup artistry, but there are so many makeup artists already. Right now, I’m more of the person people go to for expert reviews on beauty products—a Beauty Product Guru, if you may. But who knows? I might decide to be a makeup artist one day.

     What else do you do? Do you have a day job? Other hobbies?I handle local brands on a freelance basis, doing PR for them either online or traditional media. I also get offers to conduct seminars on basic acting, basic makeup, and workshops on character development and developing people skills. Hobbies would be singing, playing the guitar, watching videos about spiritual stuff on Youtube, and exercising.

       What is the best part about being a beauty blogger?Of course the free stuff I get plus other private perks, but right now, the best part would be gaining more networks and this blog has led me to a great job, which is Freelance PR consultancy.

      Most memorable post on your blog? ON DELAYING GRATIFICATION. It’s a post about how I was able to buy my first- ever luxury bag from my own savings while still having a lot of many in the bank. As for something beauty- related, it would be my foundation reviews-I’m obsessed about liquid foundation.

      Most memorable experience you’ve had because of your blog? - My Japan trip with Shiseido! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and never thought that I would be able to for free!

     Give us 5 beauty tips for women. 1.) Drink lots of water 2.) Don’t skimp on good skin care (and on good makeup either) 3.) Sleep before 12am. It’s the hour when your body starts regenerating 4.) Exercise. 5.) Be positive. It’s the best makeup ever.

    What is in the future for The Beauty Junkee? – More interesting and helpful blog posts, more surprises for my readers old and new alike. As for myself, I decree for more brands to handle, (I’m really enjoying the job!) more beauty adventures that are worth sharing on the blog, and a beauty- related business!

Random Questions:

What is on your current music playlist?Skinny Love by Birdy
 What are you reading right now?The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and A Complaint- A Free World by Will Bowen
  What’s a normal weekend for you like?I bond with my dogs and my family,  go out on a long date with my boyfriend, make time for God, and schedule a few blog posts for the incoming week.
Aside from your phone, what’s one thing you can’t leave the house without? – Perfume! It’s also one of my most favorite beauty products, second to makeup!

Couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity, Southern Living. Until the next one! :D

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  1. Nice one. You're so stunning Ms. Martha. Congratulations too:D Next time, Commercial model na :D

  2. Nice interview Ms. M and congratulations on your Media Milestone! Love your interview! Especially the most memorable post on your blog. and the most memorable experience on your blog. it's so inspiring what you've achieved already with your blogging journey! Please continue to inspire more readers and give more helpful posts! :)

  3. Way to go! Galing :) More features for the beauty junkee in the future.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Ms. Martha! :)))
    bakit ang sarap ng feeling ko , reader lang ako pero yung pride andon nadadala ako. :))) Congratulations and God speed. :))

  5. wow ms m! congrats another achievement for you and your blog before 2013 ends =) wishing you and your blog more achievement on the future!


  6. Wow! Congrats!! Next in line na daw yung pagiging cover girl. Hihi.. And your Delaying Gratification post is the most memorable for me too. :D

  7. Hi girls! You're all so sweet! thanks for the warm greetings, and hope you all get your spot in the limelight too someday. :D <3

  8. I lololove all your answers! Now it makes me want to be a beauty blogger too. Hahaha! Thanks for the inspiration. You're one of the few people i always admire. How you're humble despite all the things you've received. How you're glamorous no matter what makeup you use. Lol. <3


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