Benefit Push And Pop Party With Annie Ford!

I recently partied with Benefit in the Push and Pop event at Greenbelt 3 and I seriously dub thee as my first-ever Christmas party this year. Champagne, treats, laughter, cheekiness, happiness, and hormones overflowed and 'twas even made more fun because Annie Ford, one of the daughters of Benefit Cosmetics' founders was there to conduct a Push & Pop makeup demo and party with us at the same time.

Partying in the middle of Greenbelt 5, like a boss! :D I was joking around with Ana Victorino, my event mate for that day-I kept on acting like a donya and claiming that I own Greenbelt and I can party around it whenever I want! LOLOLOL! :D

The star of the night was They're Real Mascara, which is now part of the global best- sellers.

Annie in a small introduction. I love her super kikay and girly personality-the spirit of Benefit totally resonates with her!

Click READ MORE for the makeup demo, plus get the first dibs on Benefit's Holiday Makeup Kit! :)

1. Annie applied Porefessional on the areas with enlarged pores, specifically the sides of the nose
2. Annie used Benetint to give our lovely model that I-just-saw-my-crush-pass-by-and-omfg-he-waved-at-me flush
3. Annie used Benefit's Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow which is part of the Holiday Makeup Set
4. Finally, Annie used the powder eyeshadows from the Holiday Makeup Set as well.

In case you're wondering why it's called PUSH & POP, it's a mascara trick by Benefit using two of their most popular mascaras, Bad Gal and They're Real. First step is to coat your lashes with Bad Gal to give it that voluminous look.

Lastly, she used They're Real, flipped the wand upwards and used the spiky ends to push the lashes upwards and give it sexy separation, curl, and falsies- like definition. Awesome! I'll try doing that with my Bad Gal and They're Real Mascaras. :)

Annie sealed the look with her favorite Hydrasmooth Lip Color shade called Dare Me.

Tadah! Ladies, meet Whole Lotta' Lovin', a forever flattering face kit. This is the first of their holiday makeup sets to launch! :D You get the following in the kit: They're Real Mascara, Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow, Powder Eyeshadow Trio, Boi-Ing Concealer, and dual- ended makeup brushes, and Hoola Bronzer.

They're Real Mascara minis buffet! :D I grabbed everything I could and I'll be sharing some with you guys via my Commenter Of The Month promos. :)

Honest Leah Truth or Dare cards! We had a short truth or dare game with these exclusive Benefit game cards. I was forcefully volunteered (lol) to pick a card and the question I got was something related to faking the size of my boobs haha! My answer was, thank goodness I was blessed with a considerable bosom size, but I'd still wear push- ups whenever I'm with my BF 'cuz he's a boob and butt guy! (Alright this is the grown- up section of this blog post haha!)

Time for champagne-OVERFLOWING CHAMPAGNE, that is. :D

That's all for the Push & Pop party! :D

Annie was also kind enough to give us early Christmas presents! I took home some of the things she used in the demo including the Bad Gal Liner, Hydrasmooth Lip Color in Dare Me, and Benefit They're Real.

Weee! I also took home the Whole Lotta' Lovin' Box and I'm so lovin' the colors! Reviews will be up soon! :D

For more information about the products, please visit BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OMG! I need this in my life!!! The Whole Lotta' Lovin' kit is going to give me a some sleepless nights because this one is really right up my alley and I find it super interesting that Benefit finally came up with this set. Hmmm... Must write Santa a letter this Christmas. :) I have the mascara, They're Real, and I can definitely say it's one of the best mascaras I've tried in my life! TWO, OR TEN, THUMBS UP FOR THAT!!!

  2. Oh my...I so envy you... i love mascaras! Cant wait for your review.

    The event looked awesome. Wish I could have participated too...

  3. That sounds and looks like it was a lot of fun :-) It is really high time I look into Benefit...

  4. I love Benefit, especially their kits. Parang it's more sulit than buying a single item kasi you get to try more products. :)

  5. Lucky me that i have tried Benefit They're Real Mascara (sample size) and its my second fave mascara to date (first - Avon Magnify Mascara) i love how this mascara gives what i want from a mascara.. bababoom Volume! and it holds great curl (for me)

    That lippie has unique packaging ms m! cant wait to see you swatchin it =)

    lovin the design of the pouch! drawing pa lang ng mga makeup icons you could tell the brand =) BENEFIT

  6. I love Benefit! Aside from its quirky names and packaging, the products are really good!
    I prefer buying their kits since I feel like mas sulit kasi mas madami akong nattry na products instead of buying one full sized product na almost same price ng kits.. :)

  7. When will they be available? I wanna buy them al!!!

  8. ooohh, i want that Whole Lotta Lovin! this is a super fun party! :)

  9. I neeeddd this! haha. I have thin and short lashes and I also hate wearing false lashes so I think this will be a great product for me.

  10. All of you obviously enjoyed the event. And GEEZ..What a great early xmas presents you got Ms.Martha! I hope to see your review on the Bad Gal Liner and Lip Color.

  11. Leilani: Will try to review them soon! :)

    Hazel: Bad gal is my favorite because it's volumizing but yeah, They're Real will suit you if you're looking for length. :)

    Issa: Yes it is! :D

    Raven: They're available in all Benefit stores now. :)

    Anne: Agree!

    Rhain: So quirky no? That's why I love Benefit because it's such a feel- good brand. :)

    Kissandmakeupbeautyblog: Yes you should! :D

    Winnie: They had a customer event with Annie Ford before this. Just keep on visiting their fb fan page for updates on their on- counter events. :)

    Marie: Wow! Glad They're Real worked for you! I prefer Bad Gal. :)


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