Halloween Fun! :D

Crazy couple is crazy-yes, we proudly are! Last night, my BF and I went again on a mandatory Halloween Date Night and we leveled up our costumes!

I was a corpse bride last night. I hope you can see the rope attached to my neck! :p

While the BF was Men In Black.

More cray cray pics ahead! :D

The dead needs sustenance too, ya know? We had a very good meal at Mesa Filipino Moderne in Greenbelt 5.

What?! Our food will arrive in 20 minutes?! Ridiculous! Bring 'em here raw and I'll cook 'em in no time with my laser fire gun. Only P300.00 from Landmark! Hahaha! :D

Alright, food break!

Pinaputok na Tilapia, which is the first tilapia recipe I liked in my whole life. 'Twas very crunchy!

Of course, we ordered Pritchon, or the Pinoy version of Peking Duck wraps. :D

Been craving for Sisig for a while now so I ordered one!

No people in the parking lot so that means...CAMWHORING TIME!

I'd also like to show you my unique skeleton earrings, or more like C3PO when he died.

The BF had to get money before watching Thor 2. There were no people around as well so that could only mean one thing: CAMWHORING PART 2!

Ohai durr. I will appear in your closet tonight if you don't send this blog post to 10 of your friends in 3 minutes. LOL!

Hope your Halloween night was equally crazy and fun as well! :)

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. it's really a plus factor when you're man can go crazy with you especially inside the mall or resto where everyone will look at the both of you and say "that was a cool couple right there" . long live for ur relationship and happy halloween ms. martha! :))

  2. I see you've taken inspiration from Promise Phan for the eyebrow!! Haha. Great costumes!

  3. How cute! I wish I could dress up in a Halloween Party, di kasi uso yan dito sa Davao. Hahaha! Mas maganda sana kung partner ang costume niyo but anyway you're still cute especially when you do your poses. :D

  4. Haha I like that both of you are crazy! To have a special date night on Halloween? Wow, that's extraordinary! But what I like the most are the "camwhoring" moments. Haha very wacky, funny couple.

  5. that was cool Ms.M ; nakakatuwa game na game si BF. :)))♥♥♥♥ I smell love in the air. :) hehehe. Boring ng halloween namin. :))) Kering keri mo ang corpse bride. :))))

  6. The photos above really defines a happy halloween esp on you martha:) Cool lang ng corpse bride haha. And I love your earrings too! :)

  7. Wow! Its very seldom na sumama yung mga lalaki sa ganyang mga party. Wish my boyfriend will accompany me too! Haha. Cute couple ❤

  8. Hahaha! From your last year's costumes, level up na talaga! Hope my bf and I will have the courage to do this next year. Lol

  9. I love your costumes! I once went as a zombie bride too, in my mother's wedding dress :-)

  10. Ohh my.. you look scary talaga. I think you will scare the hell out of me pag nagkasalubong tayo bigla sa hallway or somewhere. Hahaha.

  11. nkakatuwa naman mga photos. I miss the last halloween party I attended 2 years ago..

  12. HAHA LOL'd at the last two sentences! Gorgeous parin Ms. M.. as always ;)

  13. Ang cute nung skeleton earrings! infairness, effective ung gun haha. with light pa.

  14. Haha you and your boyfie look so cute together! :) Did you guys have a party to go to or something? I could never pull off wearing a costume in public! And I don't think I could convince my bf to do this with me! We're too chicken shit! haha! Sana next year we'd have the courage to do this! I want us to go as Gomez and Morticia from the Addams family! :)

  15. always laging game si bf =) that's the real support hihi =)

    gonna ask hubby if he could do this with me hee hee

  16. All I can say is.. for a corpse bride... ikaw lang ata ang maganda ang kuko sa paa.. LOL!!!

  17. Thanks girls! :D

    Ella: Hi Ella! Nope, we just went on a date in these costumes haha!


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