Soffia Opulence Blending Brush and Opulence Soft Focus Brush Review

Here's a review on Soffia Opulence Blending Brush and Opulence Soft Focus Brush

Price: Blending Brush- P950.00; Soft Focus Brush- P2,850.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Beauty & Minerals' website; SoFa Retail Lab, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City


Sophia is the name I wish my mother gave me. Sophie is a dear beauty blogger friend who's prolly the most authentic person I know. Soffia is the newest line of luxurious, proudly Pinoy- made makeup brushes that will take your makeup preparation to a whole, new (and heavenly!) level. Now this girl who wants to be named Sophia and who's a dear friend of Sophie is going to review Soffia for everyone today. (Get it? LOL! :D)


Meet the Prada of makeup brushes. Soffia is a line by no other than Sophie Uy of Charm Makeup Brushes, and it's currently the most premium local line of makeup brushes in the country. They're made with superior goat bristles and handcrafted to meet the standards of every lavish individual or just about any person who's yearning for a very, very luxe line of makeup brushes. My samples came in a box, and I don't know if the ones for sale come with it too. Will double check on that and update this post.

Addendum: Yes! The brushes will come with their own box! :)

The Soffia Opulence line is made up of 8 brushes all in all, with a good mix of basic and pro brushes. I got the Opulence Soft Focus brush and Opulence Blending Brush. More details about these fluffy, marshmallow- like brushes after the jump!

All Soffia brushes come with a wooden handle in a semi-matte finish for a non- slip grip, and adorned with gold ferrules.


This brush is a lil' bigger than a powder brush, and a lil' smaller than a kabuki brush. It's great for bronzers and powders. I like using it on loose powder because it's shape is exactly what I'm looking for in a powder brush: It becomes bigger and wider as it reaches the tip. This helps me cover a larger part of skin when applying powder, thus it saves me a good amount of time. The tip is domed- shape too and buffs any type of powder into a very soft, almost skin- like finish.

The bristles are so soft and I always like running it across my skin!


This is how I exactly imagined MAC 224 to be. I'm always on the look out for a good blending brush for the eyes, and MAC 224 is one of my candidates. However, I find its ends a little too huge for my Asian eyes. This brush, on the other hand, has just the right tapered shape: It's not that wide and not that slim-perfectly blends colors into a sultry gradient and lets you contour your eyes naturally. You can also use it to powder your under eyes, and highlight the bridge of your nose and arches of your brows. 

The brushes have shed minimally during the first wash only.

These brushes are significantly soft-I think I'm the softest and finest makeup brush there is, but man, I was wrong. Soffia is super duper gentle and it's good enough for sensitive skin, and the very flexible and soft (did I say it's soft?) bristles will not remove your current layer of makeup! It's not that affordable for everyone, that's a given, but the international brush brands that we'd save up for begin at the same price points too-I wouldn't mind paying the same amount or a lil' more for something this exquisite! :)


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I just got my first ever complete set (almost complete) of makeup brushes from Snoe (part of my wishlist) the other night for winning a certain contest and I love them to bits... but now, I need something handy which I could bring along (basic brushes for my everyday use)..can you recommend a set which is affordable containg a travel size set which contains the basic?
    I already have one charm blush brush which I got from Sample Room. All I need now is a travel size one and I think I am good to go :D

  2. wow ms m =) this brushes were so pretty! my first brush set is from Charm and im happy to have the chance to own a set!

    Soft Focus Brush- P2,850.00 (kasing halaga na ng 21 pcs Sonia Brushes ko from Charm)

    This sounds so promising Ms M! thanks for sharing great finds!

  3. awww, I also wish that my parents named me Sophia! I really love that name! These brushes looks great! I love my Charm brushes and if these are more expensive, I bet these are better! :)

  4. Their brushes look so soft and fluffy! no wonder one brush costs like a thousand. But I guess the brushes from the Sigma has the same price as that of Sophia... i'm not sure.

  5. wow they look so soft, kaso super mahal, i need to work harder to gettem, but I am pretty sure the quality of these brushes gives justice to the prices...

  6. it looks so professional, feeling ko kailngan ko muna mag-make up classes before having this :) i heard that it's the proudest pride of Ms. Sophie that's why she named it after her..

  7. Jerlyn: Yes it is. :) Sophie was really meticulous about it when she was conceptualizing the line, not to mention the materials she chose are really top-of-the-line that's why she's so proud of it!

    Leilani: Wait 'til you try them! :D

    Issa: Charm is good, no doubt about that, but this one feels so much softer! :D

    Hazel: For some brushes, yes. :)

    Rhain: You're welcome! :)

    Winnie: Charm has retractable brushes that are meant for traveling. Try the retractable powder brush or retractable Kabuki brush. :)

  8. How long before the shedding stops po? My soft focus brush sheds a lot but the all over face brush doesn't shed even if I wash it everyday.


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