Sydney Hauls + Early Christmas Present

Good day, 'mate! Today, I am going to show you what I got from my recent trip in Sydney, which isn't a lot because for one, it is REALLY EXPENSIVE there. Wanna know how expensive it is in SYD? A bottle of mineral water is about P120.00-P150.00, a price that could afford around 3-4 gallons of mineral water for water dispensers here in the Philippines. Also, malls close at 5pm and some restaurants and coffee shops too, and that is a government rule. I didn't have so much time to go around and window shop. LOL! But Sydney is a beautiful place and I would kill to go back asap-4 days aren't enough to explore and photograph this city!

At least supermarkets close pretty late, like 11pm. Coles is prolly the leading supermarket chain in there, and there was a huge branch in front of the hotel where I stayed in. These are the things I got: Crumpets, a waffle- like bread that my mother adores and Cadbury Caramello Koala, which can only be found in Sydney-there's also Cadbury Fredo, frog- shaped chocolates that are exclusively available in Aussie too. They said that it's best to get chocolates in Australia because it tastes better than any chocolate manufactured in other countries. I don't know about that because chocolate is chocolate to me and I'm willing to eat 'em whether or not they're made in Australia. I also got that Crunchie bar because I immediately craved for Honeycomb when I saw it.

Australia is the land of Papaw (or PawPaw) balms and of course, I had to take home a couple! Obviously, I hoarded because these balms are miraculous for me. Check out those mini Lucas Papaw balms! I also got Coco Island Pawpaw Balm because aside from the Pawpaw ingredient, it contains Manuka Honey, a natural wonder that has been proven to be a very potent anti-bacterial agent. Strength of Manuka Honey is UMF 20+ and that's pretty high. The higher, the better!

The 3rd day was my free day and I was able to explore the city, finally. My dad lives in Australia and it was so nice of him to take some time off from his business and tour me around SYD together with mom. I visited the Sydney Opera House, Madame Tussaud's Museum, Sydney Wild Life Zoo, and went again to Bondi Beach. Our final stop was David Jones, one of the main shopping malls in the city. It's known for its high- end selections and I went there just to drool over luxury handbags as well as canvas for prices, but I never expected that I would be in for a huge surprise.

Dad asked what I wanted and I replied "A handbag". To cut to the chase, he told me to get the bag I wanted and went for this: Prada Lux Saffiano BN1874 in Bluette. I've always liked this style (second to Tessuto Gaufre') because it's undeniably a classic, and I got this color because it's the prettiest of 'em all. He blurted out "Merry Christmas" and I replied with a smile. "Indeed." :D

So that's the story of my haul-iday in Sydney. :D What I loved most about the experience was when mom, dad, and I went around the city together and for the first time in my life, I felt how it was like to enjoy with a physically complete family. With or without the bag and the rest of my hauls, I sure wouldn't miss it! :)

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  1. I don't know but I got teary eyed reading this "What I loved most about the experience was when mom, dad, and I went around the city together and for the first time in my life, I felt how it was like to enjoy with a physically complete family. " :'(
    But that papaw is really exciting , napakuha ako ng shea butter ko hope it'll do the same for my lips.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Sydney. Hope next time you will stay longer and do a meet up :) i live in sydney but here in the Phils for a vacation. Sayang hindi mo nahabol yung Priceline 40% sale on cosmetics today and tomorrow only. Sana na try mo yung new products ng australis makeup and face of australia and Nude by nature products. I remember you reviewed some australis products before :).. Cant wait to see the pictures on your next blog post. Oh by the way that bag is so beautiful. I love your taste on Bags. :)

  3. Wow mahal nga dyan. Grabe para gold ang water.

    I love your Prada Bag.

    You are so lucky talaga to be one of the representative to go to Sydney. I am so proud of you! Keep inspiring and More Power. God Bless!

  4. awww... im happy for you ms m =) for sure.. that bag would be most priced one, not because of the money spend on buying it but it is precious because it holds one great memory you'll cherish for life! =)


  5. This is the first time I have heard of papaw Ms.Martha, How I wish I can try that,. Its great that you were able to bond with your parents. I can almost feel your emotion as I read your post.

  6. Stephanie: Hehe. :) That's a happy thought though. :D

    Leilani: Digital Traincase sells Lucas Papaw and it's around 500php, I think. Price difference is very little compared to Australia's price. :)

    Rhain: Amen! :)

    Rochelle: Welcome dear! :)

    Jade N John: Hi there! Oh, how I wish I knew you live in Sydney-could've met up with you. :) Thanks for the compliment dear. :) Just waiting for the other photos and I'll blog about the experience right away! :)

  7. Thanks a lot Ms.Martha! Checking the website now...

  8. Share your happy pics at sydney!! glad you had to enjoy your trip.! and yes, it's a merry christmas for you!

  9. nice bag! Lucas Papaw is a miracle! I learned about it from my Kuya who's an FA. I even laughed when I saw the name. ang weird! but again, it works wonders to my dry chapping lips. I sometimes apply it on my nails when they're super dry.

  10. hee hee napasmile ako sa reply mo ms m =)

  11. i love the bag...I am totally a bag addict and i really like the bag...
    I never heard of PawPaw before.. We ahve a relative in Australia..perhaps if he goes on vacation, I could ask my tito of he could buy these for me so I could try them too :D (at his expense of course).. lol
    Great haul by the way...would like to experience that too :D

  12. Leilani: Cool! Enjoy! (And hide your wallet!) :D

    Winnie: I also asked my tita (who's residing in New Zealand) to get me more Coco Island Pawpaw balms. I have a review on Lucas Papaw. That would be a great introduction for you. :)

    Jerlyn: Yes I will! :D Just organizing the photos and choosing what to post-they're just way too many! :)

    Anne_22: I love using it on insect bites-it doesn't sting, and I don't get teary- eyes in case I accidentally rub 'em with the balm on my fingers haha!


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