The Balm Party + Meet The Balm's New Enroot Hair Products!

Beauty Bar just threw a makeup party for one of their quirkiest, flirtiest, cutest, but high performance makeup products, The Balm. They thought it was a cool way to reintroduce the brand formally as well as to highlight all the timeless customer favorites including the new ones, which I'm sure you will all find great! 

The event was held in Niner Ichi Nana, home to the mouthwatering Duck Fat Fries (deadly but good!) and fried Oyster Burgers. Nicole Andersson hosted the event.

Click READ MORE to know more about their newest hair care line, Enroot! (There, I said it already!) :D

Enroot, The Balm's newest hair care line finally arrives in the country. It's made with some of the finest ingredients known to hair-kind that guarantee fine and fabulous- looking strands that'll make jocks, nerds, and dappers turn their heads and feel it! :D Enroot will let your hair do the flirting!

The Balm's new makeup palettes are here too! These are Balm Jovi and Balm Voyage.

Beauty Bar also copped looks from the 60's and 70's, the eras that greatly inspired The Balm's concept. Here's Alexandra Rocha of Pinkerton Ice Cream in her chic and sassy 60's look. 

And here's Cat TriviƱo in her sexy and fun 70's look.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The packagings are so cute..it is like going back in time. If I remembered correctly, those were the years where hairstyling were a bit complicated...lol. Should you wish to do those hairstyles now adays, you would really need good hair products. I often wonder how women of those days manage their hair daily considering these hair care and styling solutions weren't that available massively :D
    I love the makeup palette by the way "D

  2. They look promising ang cute ng vintage designs. hehehe.:))

  3. now on to hair products! im interested with their serum ms m =) hope it works wonder to my damaged-hair =) (how much?)

    i love the packaging =)it was 60's and 70's picture ads =) parang ang hirap itapon ng packaging =) pwede siguro cut-off then stick sa planner =)

  4. omy... you're so lucky to have those products! the eyeshadows look great! I love their packaging! plsssss make a giveaway on the eyeshadow haha

  5. i just noticed that The Balm, Snoe Products and Benefit Cosmetics has the same artwork in their packaging! it's so manilyn monroe, lol

  6. Winnie: We discussed this in history class and my professor thinks that women then had so much time on their hands that's why they had all the luxury to style their hair and discover solutions. :)

    Jerlyn: Yes, they pretty much have the same appeal: Flirty and fun :)

    Hazel: I will! :D

    Rhain: Good recycling idea! :) Will get back to everyone on the prices. :)

    Stephanie: The designs are awesome! :D


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