Avon True Color Quad Eyeshadows in Chocolate Sensation, Emerald Cut, and Vibrant Spice

Here's a review on Avon True Color Quad Eyeshadows in Chocolate Sensation, Emerald Cut, and Vibrant Spice

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I'd like to believe it's Eyeshadow Season because almost every gal I see seems to be wearing one. Don't you love it? Everyone's in the mood to look fab nowadays! :D

Do you feel like dressing up your peepers too? Here are a couple of swatches from Avon's new True Color Eyeshadow Quads to help you decide what particular color combination to wear. I've reviewed this product before and I think it's pretty good. Please click HERE for the detailed review on the quality. :)

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1 (Topmost)- A frosted cream shade
2 (Middle)- Muted frosted beige shade
3 (Bottom)- A frosted beige-bronze shade
4 (Leftmost, vertical)- Semi- matte chocolate brown shade with slight gold shimmer

Chocolate Sensation is your average neutral palette-I find that among the three, this has the best pigmentation. Pretty much suits any skin tone and colors are very, very easy to work into each other. :)


1 (Topmost)- Frosted cream shade, which is identical to the one in Chocolate Sensation
2 (Middle)- A frosted muted pink shade
3 (Bottom)- Olive Green shade with slight silver shimmer
4 (Leftmost, vertical)- Frosted dark green shade

I actually like the colors in this palette, but found it the sheerest among the three. I think Emerald Cut will fare well on fairer skin tones.


1 (Topmost)- Frosted yellow gold shade
2 (Middle)- semi- metallic copper-pink shade
3 (Bottom)- Metallic violet shade
4 (Leftmost, vertical)- Deep, frosted purple

Vibrant Spice is my most favorite because it's the most pigmented, and just look at the variety of colors in it! I can mix and match the colors with my other palettes, and it's festive enough to suit the season.

There goes my swatch/review. Do tell me which of the three is your favorite. :)


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like the Chocolate Sensation (being a neutral lover) and Vibrant Spice.
    I have been an Avon Lady before but I stopped because I had too much commitment at work and at home. My body couldn't handle the stress anymore so I stopped and focused on work and managing a family.
    Its a good thing that Avon has further improved its formulation. My problem before was that some of the shades weren't adhering to my skin or are not that pigmented (good thing there were primers :D)
    I heard there are a lot of offerings now from Avon and I would like to check it out again :)

  2. I have the same palette but in purple. While i love that it's super easy to carry and use, I follow the guideline at the back of the case. It's not really that pigmented, even with eye primer. But it's great for girls who are just starting pa lang to do their makeup.. Hihi

  3. The very first time i bought e/s palette from avon.. was very disappointing =( their e/s were colorful in palettes but less pigmented when applied on lids =( then years had passed and i was impressed how they re-vamp their formulation so that would be a two thumbs up for them =)

    this is one of great gifts for your bff's this christmas =)

  4. I really love Avon products! Mostly the glimmersticks eyeliner! <3 Love the chocolate sensation :)

  5. One thing i like about Avon, I can buy anytime I like, hihi, Most women/mommies here in my place sell avon products. I have bought one of the quads, the one with a purple and used as a gift. I like to buy another one for myself. It is good that they put numbers on every shades which is a huge help for beginners like my mom :)

  6. i bought this palette. love that they provide instructions at the back and it is pigmented. im not into eyeshadows, but this product impressed me. :)

  7. Winnie: Yup! Nice to know that they have improved their products already. I wanna try their big, holiday palette. So many items in it! :) It's like a playground! :D

    Katrina: Yup, great for eyeshadow newbies. :)

    Rhain: Yup! A great gift for friends indeed :)

    Aura: Great choice! :)

    Leilani: That's so true. It's even helpful for seasoned makeup fans like me because I can be so lazy to experiment sometimes and just rely on the instructions haha!

    Anne_22: I noticed that they have palettes that are not that pigmented, but if compared to their previous shadows, the new ones are better by a huge lot!


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