Snoe Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake in Walnut Review

Here's a review on Snoe Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake in Walnut.

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Haven't had a good update on Snoe for a while but when I had a brief chat with Jen (founder of Snoe) in an event, I was surprised to know that she has released so much products already including a brow kit, concealer, dry conditioner, dry shampoo, retexturizing salt spray for hair among other things. So nice to know that this homegrown brand is continuously growing and innovating. GO FILIPINO! :D (Okay, got a lil' carried away there)

One of the newest product she's released is this contouring powder called Slim Shade Me. Yeah, it's a contouring powder so what? 

But wait, there's more: It doesn't only contour your cheeks and nose temporarily, but also forever! :D


Slim Shade Me is a treatment-makeup-skin care product all rolled into one. It contains Ferulic Acid, Niacinamide, and Vitamins C and E that protect and improve the skin. The ingredient that's supposedly responsible for 'facial fat loss' is Magnolia Bark Hot Water, which inhibits lipid accumulation and blocks fat tissues. (Triglyceride) If used religiously, it helps slim down the cheeks and nose line.


Just hit pan on my HG contouring powder, Benefit Hoola and this product came at the right time. Been using it for almost 3 weeks now and so far, so good. More of my thoughts on this contouring powder after the break!

Packaging is okay, albeit a little hard to pry open. It's compact and comes with a tiny puff-you can't use it to contour your cheeks, but it's a nice freebie though. Caveat is the powder doesn't seem well- pressed enough as I get major fallouts and a bunch of tiny dips on the surface when I'm using it. Hope they solve this!

Walnut is sort of a cinnamon- brown shade with a neutral undertone. There's another shade called Almond, but it seems a tad bit pinkish to me. Between the two, I feel that Walnut is more universal.

Powder is a bit chalky, but surprisingly blends well and evenly at that. Coverage is buildable, finish is matte, and has this yummy light caramel scent.


One layer of Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake

The first time I tried this product, I immediately fell in love with the shade. I mean, how could you not love it?!? It looks super duper natural (at least on me), as if it's just the natural contour of my face!

WORK IT: Works best with an angled cheek brush or a flat, domed powder blush brush.

Don't know how to contour? Read my Contouring Tutorial HERE.

I find myself using it everyday despite some issues because dang, the shade is sooo nice and it's prolly one of the best contouring powder shades second to Benefit Hoola. Lasting power is great as it does not fade on me! I also use it to shade my temples and jaw lines to give my round face a sense of structure.

I guess what everyone here wants to know is if it can truly slim down the cheeks and narrow the nose line. Haven't seen those effects on me yet so I can't vouch for it, and we also have to consider that it all boils down on our bodily reactions. In my experience (and according to recent findings by body builders, nutritionists and health nuts), overall fat loss is more likely to be achieved through overall body exercise.  But you know, there are non-invasive treatments that promote facial fat loss and some claim it's effective, so maybe Magnolia Bark Hot Water extract is something worth considering. 

Now regarding fat loss on the nasal area, I can't really imagine how this product would give me a slimmer nose line as there is little to no fat cells and deposits in the nose as it's primarily made up of cartilage. Yes, there are fatty tissues in it, but I read that it's less likely to 'gain weight' compared to the other parts of our body. Bulbous noses result from a thick layer of skin that surrounds it, while noses that expand due to pregnancy and weight gain are again, due to the elastic properties of skin. (Skin is the cuplrit! LOL) I also asked a friend who gave birth three years ago and who experienced an unusual growth with her nose said that it returned to normal after a few months (she also wished that she could return to her pre-pregnancy body just like that too haha :D). I could be wrong with the facts I laid out here so please feel free to correct me! :)

Anyway, I like this product because the shade is amazing-Snoe said that the color was carefully chosen to mimic the natural shadows of the face and yep, they were so right! It just needs a little improvement on the packaging and processing department. I would definitely recommend it to you if you're looking for a good, neutral contouring powder that won't turn and look orange and fake on the skin. :)


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  1. Saw this from Ms Liz posts =) im thrilled to get my hands on some SNOE product too Ms M and i search for some of your posts about snoe too =)

  2. i need this in my life! if what they claim is true... how many pans do you have to finish to slim down your cheeks, i wonder...

  3. this is really interesting... I wanna check this out, looks really natural! :)

  4. Pretty and It really does slim your face! :D Gonna save up for this one too! :) Thanks Ms. Martha :))

  5. too good to have a filipino made cosmetics. will try this soon! i wanna slim a lil bit my cheeky face. hope it works on me. :) thanks.

  6. I like that Snoe is really an innovator when it comes to cosmetics. They dont follow suit but innovates unique products perfect for us Pinays. Yey for Philippine made cosmetics :)

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  7. I really want to try this but the shade just seems too dark for me. Even if I apply with a light hand, it'll still look unnatural :(

  8. i never knw this is Filipino made brand! all this time i thought this is a US brand.It looks so classy for me. I like how they came up with the names of the products so unique. thanks for sharing Ms.Martha, now i will look up on their products and look forward to try 'em most especially the brow kit. I am with you, Go Filipino!

  9. Arian: Awww...Maybe it won't really suit very fair skin tones?

    Leilani: Yup, it could pass off as an international brand to me. :)

    Jaja: Yup, and I like their quirky product names and packaging too. :)

    Katrina: And I hope it works on me too haha!

    Issa: yes it is! And it's affordable too! :D

    Aura: Thanks dear. Let me know how you find it. :)

    Rhain: I have a lot of Snoe reviews so indulge. :D

    Cat: Wondering about the same thing too. Maybe 3 pans? I think exercise and diet are major factors too.

  10. I am very interested about the dry shampoo... Hope it comes in aerosol.


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