Unboxing: BDJ Box December 2013

A classic brand is starting to make itself known to the modern market through BDJ's coveted Beauty Boxes. I've had a couple of events with Max Factor since last year, and I could attest that they have significantly revamped all their products, and made new ones that will capture the heart of the modern woman. (READ: Base makeup!) It's just amazing that despite all the changes, Max Factor still managed to retain the quality and class of their products!

Max Factor graces BDJ's culminating box for 2013! Let's unbox this after the break!

It's a mini Max Factor makeup kit!

We have sachet samples of Max Factor's All Day Facefinity Liquid Foundation (P995.00, full size)-my favorite foundation from Max Factor-and a full- size version of Creme Puff wet/dry powder foundation (P575.00). Creme Puff was designed in the 50's to cater to movie stars and still stands as the brand's most notable product. My grandmother and mother used it before!

We have mini versions of the Kohl Pencil in Black (P425.00, full size) and Masterpiece Max Mascara in Black (P695.00, full size).

We also have a full- sized version of the Glossfinity Nail Polish in Noisette (P245.00), a very pretty purple-mauve color and a sample of Earth Spirits eyeshadow (P445.00, full size), a subtle, glowing bronze shade. 

Lastly, there's a mini Colour Collection Lipstick (P595.00, full size) in English Rose.

Value of the box is over P1,500.00. Compared to BDJ's previous boxes, this is one of the okay ones in my opinion. It would've been great if I got my right shade (wishful thinking: they will let every subscriber choose their shade) for Creme Puff because what I got is just too light for my skin tone. The travel- sized products, on the other hand, would be super useful in my next travels. :)

Did you subscribe for this particular BDJ Box? Let me know your thoughts! :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. We actually got the same shades. My first impression when seeing the box was..wow, its an exclusive box from Max Factor..but upon seeing the contents, I couldn't help but get a little bit disappointed because only one product was in full size and in a refill while the others are in sample sizes. I wish they could have included at least 3 full sizes...I just can't help but compare with the previous boxes. The redeeming grace is the extra BDJ pad..was happy about it actually. Also, I was greatful about the color of the shadow. NOt ecstatic about the lipshade but I am willing to try. On the bright side, If I can make all the samplers work, they are really a travel buddy considering I always carry a big bag around..It would be nice to lessen the burden a bit :)

  2. I haven't tried anything from the max factor.. But this review made me wanna try their cream puff foundation.. More power to your blog Ms. Martha.. :))

  3. yay! the single e/s included in this loot reminds me of Mary Kay Mineral Eyeshadow in Amber Blaze that costs 330php/ea (single pan)

    walang itatapon sa laman ng December Box ng BDJ! talagang they always surprise every bellas out there! wish i had subcribed earlier =) open na kaya yung March box nila? hahay im thinking about summer na agad hihi

  4. oh, please review the creme puff! this box looks really worth it!

  5. WOW! I order that too but mine doesn't yet delivered. But Woah the products good thing i bought it thank you Ms Martha =)

  6. In this month's BDJ box, there are two items I like most. the powder puff and the lipstick,. I really love the lipstick's color. I am just not sure how I look like on it. :) I hope you can make a review on it Ms.Martha. hayyy..I really feel envy everytime I see bdj unboxing posts.

  7. Leilani: I like everything, except the shade of the lipstick. For some reason, I look weird in frosted pastel colors. :p

    Aura: welcome. Enjoy! :)

    Issa: Yup, will review the creme puff soon! :)

    Claudine: Hi there! Thanks! I think you should order the boxes now for the next few months because they sell out really fast!

    Rhain: Oh you should really watch out for their openings because the boxes sell like pancakes! :D

    Winnie: Yup, always see the bright side. I think the mini samples will be very useful to me when I travel this summer. :)


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