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I own quite a handful of makeup brushes and tools that sometimes, I don't get to wash them as often as I should. I always would have to allot two hours to rinse and dry 'em up, plus it could get so tedious-one time, I exclaimed while doing the deed that when I get really rich, I'll hire someone to rinse my brushes for me lol! Also, I don't really use brush cleaners because I tend to break out from some of the ingredients.

I use human hair shampoo to rinse the ones made with real animal hair, and dishwashing liquid to wash the synthetic ones-I pour both products in two separate bowls and do the same thing over and over again until I finish rinsing every single brush and tool I have. This process alone requires so much task, not to mention a lot of product that's why I became a very happy gal when I got Clean Brush Shampoo as a Christmas gift from Sol of Digital Traincase-she never fails to bring in the most interesting beauty products to the country! Clean made me enjoy rinsing my tools! (and often too)


Clean is a US beauty brand that specializes on natural solid brush shampoo. It was founded by a makeup artist who wanted a very efficient product that will make brush cleaning easier, thus she came up with the product. At the moment, there are 5 scents (Vanilla, Unscented, Lemon, Lavender, Rose) and 2 formulations. (Goat's Milk and Olive Oil). Goat's Milk helps whiten discolored brushes and Olive Oil is good for softening. Clean said that their products contain good products like organic essential oils, and the Goat's Milk line is derived from 'Happy Goats' or Goats that aren't fed with GMO- infused food.


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I like that I got Olive Oil because my brushes more often than not suffer from stubborn residue from liquid foundation. Olive Oil helps break down silicones and oil ingredients so your brushes will become squeaky clean. Lemon is a good scent choice for me too because some of my brushes are really old and they have a particular smell already. The tub is filled to the brim, but isn't travel- friendly. It foams up well and rinses off easily without leaving a slippery or sticky residue on my brushes.


Add water into the tub to activate the product.

Wet your brushes.

Swirl the brushes in to the tub to grab some product. The shampoo clings easily so moderate swirling will do. You would have to rinse the brushes on your palm though to loosen up all the hardened makeup on the bristles. For sponges, simply swipe them on top of the shampoo.

What I don't like about it is it could get unhygienic since you dip the brushes directly into the tub along with dirt, makeup, and bacteria. Nice to know that it has added Tea Tree Oil that will help stop bacteria growth, but it is imperative to rinse and dry the surface of the shampoo before storage.

Dirty Brush

Brush cleaned with Clean Brush Shampoo. It may look dirty here, still, but those are powder stains already. The brush feels squeaky clean to touch.

This variant has a nice and soft lemony scent: It rids my brushes of any foul smell, but doesn't leave any scent at all and is best for those who prefer their brushes unscented. When my brushes are finally dry, they're not too soft or too stiff-they have just the right balance between the two. It doesn't contain so much ingredients too so it's easier to pinpoint which ingredient is breaking you out, or it may prevent you from breaking out. No need to worry about melting because the product is really solid, but quality may degrade if you store it in an area prone to heat and humidity. (Why of course!)

Clean is good for makeup lovers because it makes cleaning your brushes so efficient and convenient, and the tub is pretty huge and will last you for a year or so. I will repurchase for sure! Wonder how I lived without it!


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  1. This looks like a very interesting product. I like that it has different scents to choose from. It's really hard to look for stores that sell brush cleaners. I'm just wondering, can you just transfer a bit of product to a smaller container before using just to ensure that there's no bacteria buildup in the large container?

  2. It is a pain to wash brushes! But it's something I need to do very often since I don't have that many brushes that I can switch out. Love to try this product :)

  3. I was thinking that this product is too expensive until you said that it can last for a year. As for me, I don't have a lot of brushes and tools so I think this would last for like 2 years. Haha! Anyway, can I use a spatula or anything to get the product so the bacteria won't spread or is it too solid to do that?

  4. I have this product and I'm totally inlove with it! I doesn't break my out and clean my brushes thoroughly..

  5. the solid has tea tree oil on it, contamination shouldn't be a problem, just like any other soap, you have to rinse it on running water after using.

  6. its kinda on the expensive side definitely not for me a beginner that only has a set of brush. but certainly is a interesting product!

  7. I had to reread the instructions 'cos I was shocked to see that you were dipping the dirty brush in the tub. :| Scary, indeed. Wish there was some other way to put the product on the brush instead of dipping it. :)

  8. Same as there another option to use this product aside from dipping it directly on the tub?


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