Clinique 16 shades of beige: Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skin

Apparently, there are certain skin types that react from nail polish. Didn't know that! Thus, I had to turn to Mr. Google for answers. Didn't find so much info though, except that almost all sources blamed the deadly trio: Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and yes, we know that they're dubbed as cancer- inducing ingredients-this is old news. What I'm more interested to know is the types of skin allergy/disease that can be caused by Nail Polish. I guess the ones who know and can attest are those who experienced it, huh?

So if you think the allergies, itch, and rashes on the surrounding area of your nails are being caused by nail polish, you can turn to Clinique, this top- notch brand that's well- known for formulating allergy- tested products. They're raising the bar again by introducing a unique product called Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skin.

This product is part of the 16 Shades Of Beige collection that also includes an eyeshadow range. These nail paints are formulated to minimize skin sensitivity and are available in 8 flattering shades of beige to give you the effect of lean, long, and clean- looking digits. You can also choose a lighter or darker shade for a neutral statement.

Find the shade that suits you after the break!

L-R: Pajama Party, Peek A Boo, Room Service, Tickle Me

L-R: Birthday Suit, Chocolate On My Pillow, Do Not Disturb, Nighty Night

I got Peek A Boo, but I think the shade that suits my skin tone best is Tickle Me. :)

Nail Enamel For Sensitive Skin is P820.00 each. Eyeshadow palette prices are available upon request. 16 Shades of Beige will be available this June 2014. Please visit CLINIQUE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yikes I did not know nail polish can cause allergies, should really be careful in selecting the brands for our nail polishes. This Clinique nail polish looks really luxe and pretty, but price is kinda steep for a bottle, but at least we're sure that it has been well researched not to cause allergies. I love the Chocolate shade! I also want the eyeshadow palette! The colors look so neutral and wearable :)

  2. I love all of them.. Neutral color lover here...hahaha. In case I haven't commented it yet...but my sister and I are nail art addicts...Promise! We almost opened a nail art spa, but because of certain commitments and a career change for her, we had to cease the project that is why we are left with all the stocks and we just do our nail arts on our own...I really have a massive stock.

    Anyways, going back, although I am picky with what makeups or clothes I wear and I always tend to go to the safer choices, when it comes to nails, I am more adventurous. I don't care. This is where I am mostly known for at work.

    By the way, have you tried this already. Would love for you to review this. I am interested to know the consistency and the brush and application..I am actually excited already :)

  3. I didn't know that nail polish can cause skin allergies for some. Its good that clinique formulated this kind of nail polishes. I love the shades of beige too I hope they can formulate more lovely colors.

  4. I have always loved Clinique for their hypoallergenic products. I have a travel palette that's almost 3 years old now all because I'm afraid to hit pan. Haha. Luckily, I don't breakout until now when I use it. This is also the first time I heard of allergen-free nail products. Bongga!

    Anyway, again I can't wait for your review on these luxe nail polishes.

  5. would love to try them out too bad a student cant afford one yet~ and it amaze me for some facts that I just got to know.

  6. I wonder how is the staying power of this. It looks like it's too watery. Anyway, that's interesting. Didn't know that nail polishes can cause iritation too! :))

  7. Never knew that nail polish can be the cause of allergies and cancers.. I got a 'lil scared huh! I'd be more careful now when buying nail polish..haha! Will wait for your review regarding your experience about this. :) thanks!

  8. Kat C: Yup! Neutrals always work! :D

    Rizza: Yep, because certain ingredients in a nail polish can cause irritation, and besides, it's an occlusive barrier, meaning air and water cannot penetrate. :)

    Carmela: Cool! Glad you liked it. :D

    Ravene: Just waiting for my nails to grow a lil longer so I can finally try my polishes, including this. :D

    Allyzon: True! Hope they'd come out with bolder colors. :D

    Winnie: No, haven't tried it yet. Hey, I think you should pursue your nail art spa.-sounds like a great business idea. :D


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