FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Which goes first? Perming or Hair Dyeing?

A chilly Friday to everyone! Don't you love the weather? It's like there's a universal air-conditioner outdoors. :D Who says you can't wear leather jackets in the Philippines!? :D

Anyway, here's an interesting FMF for today courtesy of Lady Literature. She asks:

Hi Ms. Martha,
Just a question: I'm planning to do a make over this year. What's better in terms of keeping my hair health-Coloring it first or perming it? Thanks for the info. 
Lady Literature

Hi Lady Literature!

I permed my hair when I was in 1st year college, but I had it colored first. It was great, but after a few days, I noticed that my hair color became lighter than what it was.

Most people say that Dyeing goes first before Perming, but seasoned hairdressers would advise otherwise. Perming has harsher chemicals than Dyeing and if you color your hair first, the perm will lift or lighten the color afterwards. Also, between the two treatments, Dyeing is much gentler so if you color your hair first, your hair can bounce back to its perfect health quickly before undergoing a harsher treatment again such as Perming. It's not advisable too to undergo the treatments one after the other-give your hair a healthy interval, around a month at least for it to recover.

Based on my experience, I would advise dyeing first before perming. :) I've prepared a hair care sheet for you that you can do in between the treatments. Click READ MORE.

1. Treat, treat, treat

- Use hair mask around twice a week to moisturize your hair, replenish lost nutrients, and to minimize damage.

2. Don't leave home without applying leave in conditioners

- Leave in conditioners will help protect your locks from environmental aggressors such as pollution, UV rays, and the wind so they can recover continuously and in peace.

3. Natural Oils are your best friend

- Your hair will benefit from natural oils such as VCO, Argan, Jojoba, and Grapeseed because they are abundant in nutrients. You can use them every night before going to sleep so your hair will have enough time to fully absorb the nutrients from these oils.

That's all and I hope you guys liked this post. :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. As for me, whichever comes first will damaged the hair. Haha! I'm controlling myself to undergo any chemical treatment for my hair. Anyway, hope you can do more hair treatment post, Ms. M! :)

  2. thank for the info, wanna try sana perming now I won't baka ma damage na talaga yung hair ko...

  3. May I add a question Ms. M..?
    so is it a mortal sin on hair care to have perming and dyeing at one go? Thanks..

  4. I am planning to color my hair using the hair dye I bought at Watson's. Do you think it's better to go to the salon instead of dyeing my hair at home? :)

  5. So that's why my hair was unusually dry and broken up. I just had my hair permed and dyed on the same day last New Year.
    What I did use is the full hair treatment from Vidal Sassoon(shampoo, conditioner, treatment and curl activator). After 2 weeks' use, it did improve and the damaged ends somehow mellowed.
    I use the Watson's hot oil treatment at least once a week too.
    Might try also these products you suggested since I am dying for a new hairdo again but wanted my hair to rejuvenate first before I do another drastic move :D

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, girls!

    Majorie: A resounding yes! That would be too much for your hair to take.


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