Leveling Up The Fun with WeChat Version 5.1!

Just this week, I attended a friend’s party in Makati. I came from The Fort and the traffic was so massive, it took me an hour to get to the venue-it’s the same travel time that I had to take some time around three years ago from Makati to UP Diliman to attend school. My point is, traffic has gone worse over the past few years and the days are becoming less and less productive and more and more stressful.

Despite its intricacies, we still have to be thankful for Technology as they come real handy in situations like this. Before, people used to sit in traffic, getting bored and all the more stressed because they’ve got nothing to do but wait and stare at the endless lines of cars. Now, here comes the smartphone: you just whip it out of your pocket and voila! The unoccupied time becomes time well spent. We got to be thankful again for more sophisticated technology such as mobile messaging apps because they allow us to chat with friends in a creative way (and for free to boot!) to jumpstart our day and even play games to entertain ourselves among other things. Such apps are entertainment powerhouses and as a user myself, I could attest that they could help you handle the nasty metropolitan traffic (and any related stressful situation) with grace and ease.

I have a lot of messaging apps installed in my smartphone, but quite frankly, I prefer using WeChat because it features awesome animated stickers. My favorite sticker set is Frog and Horse because it is cute but made for grown-ups, and perfectly suits the type of conversations I like having with friends-there’s also the super funny bunny sticker set and I love using the one wherein he seems to be doing the Harlem Shake haha! If I’m feeling cute and girly, there’s Elise’s sticker set for that. Aside from these, WeChat tops the chart for me because interface is minimalistic and clean, and there’s a built-in QR Scanner Code for me to access encoded brand promos in a snap.

With this app, traffic has become bearable for me and even more so when I found out that they just launched WeChat ver. 5.1. There are more fun games, better chat options, and a brand spankin’ camera app that will make photos even more interesting and put regular filters to shame. I’ll show you the new and improved WeChat after the jump!

Starting off with the games!

If you love Candy Crush and have a certain fondness for stuffed animals, then you have to try Craz3 Match, WeChat’s version of the matching game. It’s combined with a cute, upbeat background music and animated sounds, and you couldn’t help but giggle every time.

You can even challenge (and add) fellow players into the game and vie for the top spot in the score chart!

Games are not just for fun-they can be good brain stimulants too, you know. Challenge your memory with 2day’s Match, a puzzle game where you match two tiles of the same kind.

Soon enough, there will be a game for the boys and men too and it’s Wreckless Racer, a speed racing game with cutting- edge graphics for a heart- stopping gaming experience.

If you’re into editing photos, there’s the new StoryCam (this fab photo editing app I was talking about) that lets you add filters and text-with-graphics on your photos-no need to edit your photo in another application just to make it share- worthy!

Just choose a photo and add a filter.

Choose from the storylines in the app to add text and graphics to your photo. There are certain storylines to choose from that will embellish any photo you have perfectly. You can also opt to change the scene for even more personalized messages.

Just to clarify, the ending we were talking about is something else, not our relationship haha! :D

I chose the Lifestyle storyline in this photo.

You can share it either to WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram afterwards!

And if you prefer to work (still) while stuck in traffic, there’s the new group chat platform that can accommodate 40 users all at once and even allows you to join large groups of up to 100 users. This is great if say, you have to brief your colleagues before a big meeting or presentation and you won’t be in the office on time to do so!

WeChat ver. 5.1 is optimized to support the latest versions of iOS and Android. With the aforementioned features, this makes WeChat not only the ultimate social messaging app, but a great lifestyle tool as well.

WeChat’s latest version and StoryCam are now available for both iOS and Android users. If you need more information about the app, just visit WeChat’s official website and WeChat Philippines on Facebook.

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by WeChat and The Beauty Junkee

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  1. I've got a lot of messaging apps in my phone too, but I prefer Viber. Hehe. Anyway, I agree. The traffic has gotten worse. I'm almost always late for work. Hope the government do something about it.

  2. I've got a lot of messaging apps in my phone too, but I prefer Viber. Hehe. Anyway, I agree. The traffic has gotten worse. I'm almost always late for work. Hope the government do something about it.

  3. I've been a wechat user for months now and I love how they upgrade their features. Haha! Technology is really being more realistic nowadays and we can't ignore them anymore because at some point they make our life easier :)

  4. will update mine also.. thanks for updating! super like your photo.. :)

  5. I have WeChat too, however, I am not using it much mainly because most of my online friends are using Viber :D
    But it is there when I needed to use. Have not explored it lately so I might check it out again just to play with it's features when I get bored :)

  6. I've got wechat installed in my phone but have never really maximized its features. The games look super cute. I think it's time to update my wechat! :)


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