Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Review

Here's a review on Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss.

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I’m currently having my lip gloss moment. I dunno, maybe it’s just one of those days where I suddenly get this unexplainable addiction to things.  You all know lip gloss is not my preferred make up product so this could be a little surprising for most of you. Why? Hmmm…lemme think. Oh I know! It’s cold lately and lip glosses give me that immediate moisturizing feeling and recent formulations have significantly improved.

Segueing to my Revlon Super Lustruous Lip Gloss review! ;)


Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss is made with a hydration- boosting formula for smooth, juicy lips, and light- reflecting pigments for a colorful, mirror- like shine. It is available in 12 shades.

I recall that this product was once in square tubes, but it was changed recently to curvaceous, rounded ones. Which packaging do you like best? I like this one better because it's so feminine. Oh, I have reviewed this way, way back so please click HERE for my thoughts on its quality and performance-the shade I reviewed, Pink Pop, was featured in Gossip Girl. I also did a Video Makeup Tutorial with it too. :)

Swatches after the break!


Pango Peach

Pango Peach is muted peach shade with flecks of gold glimmer

Pango Peach is my ultimate favorite amongst everything because it's such a 'virginal' shade. (LOL) It kinda' tames down my sharp features. I also find that it has the most even coverage among the five, and it plumps lips effectively.

Kiss Me Coral

Kiss Me Coral is a warm coral shade with silver glimmer.

I call this the illusionist because it appears as if it's my natural lip color and only topped with a clear gloss.

Pink Pop

This is the celebrity Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss shade! :D

I don't know if it's just me, but seems like the shade got a lil' warmer, or maybe my skin tone has changed already? If they really reformulated the shade, I'd like to congratulate Revlon because it looks better now. ;)

Fuchsia Finery

Fuchsia Finery is a midtone Fuchsia shade with a violet undertone.

Radiant Orchid could be the official color of the year, but I don't think no one has the guts or interest at the very least to wear this color on the lips. Fuchsia Finery is a wee bit related to this year's IT color so this is a good choice-it's flattering, trendy, and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. ;)


Pinkissimo is an ice pink shade with silver shimmer and frosting.

Pinkissimo is a frosted kind of pink and surprisingly, it doesn't look weird on morena skin tone, although it makes teeth look a lil' bit garish. Nevertheless, I appreciate that this frost shade doesn't look off on me and I can see myself wearing it if the situation or my makeup calls for something icy and frosty. ;)

It's still in the same, good ol', non-sticky, moisturizing formula I used to know. I just forgot to mention these in my previous review: Coverage is sheer: It can be used on top of lipstick to enhance your pout or to keep your lips from turning dry. Pigmentation is good enough to give your lips some tint, but not the best thing for you if you want something that's really pigmented. Lasting power is poor though because it's pretty slippery and wet, but at least it ain't drying!

My favorites are Pango Peach, Fuchsia Finery, and Pink Pop. What are yours? :)


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Your review is so timely! I was just thinking of buying a Revlon lipgloss and I have been looking for reviews online. When I opened your blog, tada just what I was looking for! All the shades look so good on you.

    Pango Peach looks so pretty close up. I am now super tempted to purchase it this weekend. I'm just a little torn if I should get this Super Lustrous variant or the Colorburst variant as you said that the shades for these are really sheer. My lips are really pigmented and I'm afraid the color might not show up as well on mine :(

  2. I like all the colors except for Pinkissimo. I'm not a fan of lipglosses too especially those with shimmers and that are frosted. But I like how these babies are not intimdating and the shimmers are not obvious.

  3. ooohh I like Pink Pop and Fuchsia Fiery! I think I'm gonna get one... when I get my allowance next month hehehehe

  4. I am more of a lip gloss lover than a lipstick girl. The pinkissimo stands out for me I love the shimmer and frosty feeling. Lip gloss is one of the things i consider to be the most important in my kikay kit simply because it save my lips to weather changes.

  5. I would love to try the "Kiss me Coral" shade :)
    It is a safer shade for me I think :)
    The cold weather has been harsh on my skin lately and yep...lips are getting drier too.. been using two types of balms now... tinted ones during the day and plain ones at night before I sleep.


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