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Price: P990.00 for 250ml
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in select Watson's stores; Toni & Guy Salon


It took me a while to subscribe to the Dry Shampoo trend. I did just recently because my hair became too dry and coarse due to frequent shampooing, sometimes even twice a day-I may have discriminated the oil on my scalp a bit too much and now I'm suffering the consequences. They said Dry Shampoo is a good interval in between washes because it gives your scalp and hair a break from sulfates and water (that's breakage- inducing by the way) and takes away that oily residue from your hair strands while giving your scalp a chance to benefit from its moisturizing, natural oils.


Toni & Guy is a premium London- based salon and they also have their very own line of professional hair products. Aside from taking away oil from hair strands in a snap, Cleanse Dry Shampoo claims to volumize hair and manage fly-aways as well. It features a cutting- edge formula that does not leave any tinted residue on the hair and scalp.


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This product comes in 2 sizes: 75ml and 250ml- Toni & Guy sent me the 75ml. (UPDATE: It's only available in 250ml. What I got was a press sample) It's aerosol and I like that it sprays continuously and ensures that you get to cover each area efficiently. I've used it for three times already and the nozzle is not yet clogged, thank goodness. Product is a whitish liquid that goes on clear after a few seconds and finish is matte all the way-it requires no waiting time as it dries up very, very quickly. This is a very handy product when traveling! Scent is a overwhelmingly floral though and would sometimes make me sneeze. Wish they'd tame down the scent.


Unwashed hair. Notice that it's a lil' oily, limp, and lifeless.

After using Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo

Tip: Spray all over hair and allow to set for at least 1 or 2 minutes

Now my hair looks fresher, feels light, (except if you apply too much) looks and feels a bit volumized, and flyaways have been tamed. The starch ingredient causes hair to clump for a little though, but can be remedied if you run a paddle brush through it until the clumps go away. If you have very flat- looking hair, you can spray it on the roots to thicken 'em and give you this illusion that you have bigger hair. Actually, you can still get that volumizing effect even if you just spray it on your hair strands. I wouldn't suggest that you apply it on your scalp because the point of Dry Shampooing is to give your natural oils a chance to nourish your scalp and putting a 'primer' on it would just sabotage the idea, unless you have a really, really, oily scalp. It keeps hair non-sticky the whole day.

Dry Shampoo is great especially if you're always on the go and late (haha). It's easy, fast, and non- messy and somewhat gives you the feeling of freshness that you get from traditional shampooing and conditioning. (Bear in mind that Dry Shampoo is just meant to take away oil, not to cleanse hair) Nothing still beats the feeling of freshly- rinsed hair though, but keeping a Dry Shampoo in hand will help you preserve its beauty in the long run. It's not really a necessity, but I'd gladly keep one for travels and for lazy days. :) If Dry Shampoo is important to you, I would suggest this product because it effectively volumizes hair. ;)


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ooh I've been wanting to try a dry shampoo but I don't really know how it works. Thanks lots for your post! So for example you have naturally oily hair then you apply the dry shampoo, will your hair still look less oily afterwards?

  2. I still can't imagine how this cleanses the hair. I really wanna try it but I'm having second thoughts.

  3. I also don't know how to use dry shampoo. I will try it for the volumizing benefits. But I'm still a fan of freshly washed hair haha

  4. love it♥ gonna look for it here in sm watson cebu...

  5. I have watched several youtube beauty gurus using dry shampoo (their fave is Batiste). They dont actually spray it all over the hair but instead they do it by sections and spraying it near the roots then massage the dry shampoo on the scalp. They do this application for additional volume too! :)

  6. Will this be fine with permed hair too..I got thin hair whisch is the reason why I got it permed to have more volume effortlessly :D

    How much is it by the way?

  7. Winnie: P990.00 for 250ml :)

    Anonymous: I saw Batiste in Sydney and I wanted to get one, but thought that they might throw it away in the airport. :p

    Ravene: same, but it's goo to try something new once in a while. :)

    Febmin: Hope you can find it! :)

    Rizza: It just takes out oil-it's not really for cleansing. :)

    Kat C: Yes it will because the formula's meant to do that. :)

  8. I want this! :D

    I have jonathan dry shampoo, but it is dispensed via brush, I think a spray type dry shampoo is better.


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