Benefit Porefessional Agent Zero Shine: The newest beauty superhero in town!

A few weeks back, I had a very important meeting with Benefit Philippines and we discussed about this new villain in town named Dr. Slick. His profile said that he's a 'persistent, greasy, sneaky doctor' and his major crime is 'ruining first dates, selfies, and freshly- applied makeup.' Tsk, tsk, tsk. This is definitely a villain that we shouldn't underestimate.

But looks like Benefit found the perfect protagonist to stop Dr. Slick at his course in Agent Zero Shine.

Who is Agent Zero Shine? She's a sassy agent with a flair for gunpowders and a deep passion for eliminating anything shiny. She's actually the best friend of Agent Pore Minimizer and together, they save Skinville from the clutches of Dr. Slick, The GodPOREther, and Line 'n Wrinkle Gang.

Agent Zero Shine is described by Benefit as an invisible, Shine- Vanishing Powder and that meant she's not the type who will show up easily without testing us so my fellow beauty detectives and I embarked on a search for this elusive agent during the event. We played this Amazing Race kind of game and the winning team got to bring home additional Agent Zero Shines in our bags!

So which team won? Find out after the break and learn more about Benefit's newest product!

Detectives Julia, Liz, and I won the search! We found Agent Zero Shine hiding in the Loo (the bathroom!). Great job, fellow Beauty Detectives! The other team was comprised of Beauty Detectives Nikki and Tara and they did a great job too!

Agent Zero Shine is a retouching powder promises to help eliminate shine instantly with its fine powder texture. The product has a peach undertone, but goes on invisible on the skin while minimizing the look of pores at the same time. It comes in an easy twist-shake-sweep packaging for on-the-go retouching.

So that's our adventure for today, ladies! Hope you enjoyed this post! :)

Since we already found Agent Zero Shine, no need to search for her any longer because you can easily find her in all Benefit stores. Retails at P1,600.00.

Please visit BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love that you had a chance to be a detective that day. Very creative presentation. :D

  2. Haha this is so cute! I love the characters that Benefit thinks up. I have the Porefessional and it's such a wonderful product for me. I'm thinking that this one should be the same. Hope you would do a full review on this soon.

  3. I wish benefit would open a store here in cebu, I have couple of makeups from them and I love it, I have tried the porefessional(super hands down to it) creates flawless skin. how much more if I'm going to use this new baby... can't wait... I really love reading your blogs and reviews, it makes me excited every time I'm reading it and trying new things from your blog...♥

  4. I'm excited for your review, I bet it'll be as great as the other porefessional product. Woot!
    i love your outfit here, kate? ;))

  5. Congratz! Would like to see ur review soon...♥

  6. All of You ladies look soo gorgeous. How i wish they also have Agent zero Shine on sale. its too pricey.. ;(

  7. all of you should have worn the costume too! hehehe... :D good job being a detective... :D benefit always has these very witty and quirky product names and packaging... i love it!

  8. so creative of Benefit they put story on their beauty products..kakatuwa! :)

  9. Nix and Roxanne: True! :D

    Cat: I know right! I wanted to take home their spygal costumes for next Halloween!

    Febmin, Kat C. and Rizza: Aww, thanks! Noted on the review!

    Majorie: Yep! That's inspired by Kate Middleton!


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