OLAY DIARIES: Welcome to Sydney + Getting To Know Our Skin Better

2013 is definitely a year I could not forget because it's when I learned to love traveling. Before, I used to think that Traveling is just a very expensive luxury that one can afford to set aside, but when I started to do so myself, I understood why some people love it. It gives you this different kind of high and you just become more appreciative of other countries and cultures and of course, your own. I realized, traveling makes you a better person (aside from being a learned person) because you learn so much and whatever you learn, you can use to improve the way you deal with your daily life. Now I'm looking forward to lots of traveling this year!

So I'm sharing my trip to Sydney with Olay Singapore last November. They invited me to learn more about Olay's newest skin care discoveries and to partake in the 6th Asia and Oceania Conference on Photobiology. By far, that was the best November of my life as I got an opportunity to work with a global brand, meet more fellow Bloggers from Asia, and visit one of my dream cities. :)

I left Manila around 11:00 P.M. and arrived around 8:00 a.m. in Sydney. We were told that there was a storm when we arrived and the expected sunny, warm temperature plummeted to 10 degrees. If there's one thing I learned about this trip, it's that I should bring a jacket ALWAYS and don't rely so much on weather forecasts. Haha!

We checked in in this gorgeous hotel called The Darling located at Darling Harbour, which is just a stone's throw from the shopping center.

After settling down and having lunch in my suite, I had a one-on-one skin analysis with Dr. James of Olay.

The skin analysis was meant to gauge the health of my skin and to pinpoint the problems that I need to solve. I asked for my results immediately, but to further the anticipation, they said that I shall receive it during our discussion on skin, which happened on the same day right before dinner-I guess that was the perfect time to see my results so I'd really feel the need to take my skin problems seriously!

Wanna see my results? Find out after the break plus learn more about your skin!

By 5 P.M., Olay took us to the heart of Sydney for an exclusive dinner and discussion about skin with Dr. John Oblong of Olay and Eduardo Atamoros of Procter and Gamble Asia. We introduced ourselves to each and every one and were also asked about our expectations during the 2-day Bloggers Event. I just said that I wanted to see a Kangaroo (for real!) and learn about the share- worthy breakthroughs and researches about skin!

Dr. John Oblong, in here, discussed about the important compositions of skin, characteristics of each skin type and of course, the apt products and ingredients to maintain them.

Now here are my results from the skin analysis I had before the discussion. The percentile ranking suggests that higher scores are better. I scored well on skin texture (thanks to religious exfoliation), UV spots (thank you, Melanin), but failed on dark spots especially wrinkles and lines. Eek! Didn't know I have lots of wrinkles and lines that are waiting to mature if not for the skin analysis. I'm guessing that it's due to my addiction to Salicylic Acid- based products. I must admit, I have the tendency to overdose on Salicylic Acid because it works very well on me, especially when I want to inhibit breakouts and sometimes, even when there's none because I'm paranoid just like that. That, and I also don't use moisturizer as often as I should due to my combination-oily (and sometimes oily) skin. Salicylic Acid disrupts the skin's natural pH mantle by drying out the skin big time, and persistent dryness may lead to premature wrinkles. This is something that I have to remind myself often! The discussion helped me realize that aside from pimple- busting products, my skin needs hydration.

We were also introduced to Olay's various skin care lines and I concluded that AquaAction is the perfect fit for me. It's a line intended for continuous hydration on any skin type. AquAction features a hydrating toner, intensive nourishing emulsion that can substitute as a night cream, Long-Lasting Hydration Gel as a daytime moisturizer, and the Softening Sleeping Mask or a sleeping pack. I'm telling you guys, the Long-Lasting Hydration Gel is now one of my favorites! I'm almost through with my jar and now I'm panicking because it's not available in the Philippines. I hope Olay brings this line to our country soon because the texture is so perfect for our weather. Don't worry, I already told Eduardo my sentiments!

Photo Credits: Olay Singapore Facebook Fan Page

Aside from AquAction, there's also the White Radiance line for targeting spots and overall skin lightening.

Photo Credits: Olay Singapore Facebook Fan Page

And of course, the cult classic Regenerist line for anti-aging concerns.

We also had a Make-Your-Own-Moisturizer activity, our last activity for the day. In here, Dr. John Oblong taught us how to make a basic moisturizer.

Scientists for a day! I'm with Kryz, Rachel, and Paris having fun!

The moisturizer I made is pretty thick 'cuz I loaded it with Glycerin, a moisture- retaining ingredient. I had my skin care concern in mind while I was making my own moisturizer!

Off to dinner!

I represented the Filipino Blogging community along with Kryz Uy of Thirsty Thought.

With Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers Rachel and Beatrice from Singapore, Paris from Malaysia, and Eduardo of Procter and Gamble!

Didn't miss the opportunity to have a photo with one of my favorite International Bloggers, Paris of My Women's Stuff. Love her quirky writing style and honest-to-goodness thoughts on beauty products!

Whew! That was a super long but super fun day! The next day, we participated in a series of filming for Olay and attended a very important conference on one of the breakthroughs in skin care. Drop by tomorrow for that! :D

Day 2 of the Olay Blogger Event HERE

Please visit OLAY SINGAPORE on Facebook for more information about the products.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. would love to have my skin analyzed too! i think i would fail on every aspect... haha... :D

  2. Wow all you bloggers are so pretty!!! So lucky for you to have the opportunity to attend an event like that and get to travel to Sydney. I want to try the skin analysis thingy too. I would really like to know how my skin currently fares and what skincare products to use correctly. Can't wait to see the other activities of your trip in your next post! ^_^

  3. Wah! super jealous, I wish I was with you... :) I would try theseproducts for sure kasi I have lots of UV spots.... Now I know that OLAy gives out best high quality products...♥

  4. oh i would love to try the hydration gel too! i hope that will be available to us soon!

  5. Olay should totally bring the skincare analysis service here! IIRC the other brand that offers this kind of service (had it in Singapore) is SK-II

  6. the make-your-own moisturizer seems so fun.. :))) i want my skin to be analyzed too. :/

  7. It looks like you had so much fun :) I also had my skin analyzed about two weeks ago at Olay. While I do agree that Olay does have good products with a long list of promised benefits, the analysis helped me focus on areas where I need to improve on (mine was on cleansing; thankfully, I did pretty well on all the other areas). I'm quite strict on moisturizers and Olay is one of my few trusted brands (Clinique, VMV are some of the few). The AquAction looks interesting and I hope this line gets to PH soon. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Hopefully, this encourages more of your readers to have their skin analyzed. :)

  8. Genefel: And thanks for sharing your insights! Glad you learned something from this post. :)

    Roxanne: Yes it is! :D Based on Genefel's answer, maybe Olay is doing an on- counter skin analysis for free for customers. Just go to their official fan page to check :)

    Joyce: Yup! That's right. There's one direct selling brand that does that here though, but I don't know if they're still alive. :)

    Issa: I hope so too! :D

    Kat C: Thanks. :D


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