Unboxing: BDJ Box January 2014

If the first New Year didn't go so well for you, here's a chance to reset and start anew because it's the Chinese New Year. What are your beauty resolutions? Do you plan to try a whole new hair color? Do you want to explore more beauty products? Do you finally have the courage to go to a salon and have your brows groomed? Do you want to seek expert care for better- looking skin? If you say aye to all of these, there's no better time to (re)start than now and BDJ's January 2014 box will back you up! 

The theme for this month is Change It Up. The years change and so must we, and through this box, BDJ wants us to step out of our comfort zones, level up our beauty preferences and arsenal, and see ourselves in another light. :)

Ready for change? The click READ MORE for the unboxing! :)

The January 2014 Beauty Box contains new beauty products that are so apt for the new year! Let's take a look at them.

There are two gift certificates from Azta Salon, a 600php discount on Brazilian Keratin Treatment and 800php discount on Cynos Nano Digital Perming hair services, and Garnier's Color Naturals Cream in Darkest Brown. (P199.00)

You get sachet samples of My Amazing Blow-Dry Secret Shampoo and Conditioner. (P1,200.00 each for a full- size bottle) I also wish I got the hair leave- in that speeds up blow-drying time because that product is absolutely wonderful and effective! There's also a free Brow Construction gc courtesy of Browhaus. (P598.00)

Beauty and Bright's bar soaps (P114.00 each) are starting to gain popularity, and this box has two Moringa soaps for trial-wish I got another variant for the second soap. For your digits, there's Revlon Nail Art Expressionist. (P375.00)

Avon Anew 15-in-1 CC Cream (P699.00) is the product that I'm very interested in in this box. You also get a full- size bottle of Ellana Ruby Lip and Cheek Gel and a sample tube of Yves Rocher's new Super Pulp Volumizing Mascara. (P650.00, full- size)

Tony Moly threw in a few small treats such as the Tomatox Magic Massage Pack, Intensive Care Snail Cream, Luminous Live Aura CC Cream, and Oriental Emulsion. Aesthetic Institute of The Philippines is something that I just learned about now, and I believe it's a derma salon. They have provided P1,500.00 worth of gcs for any of their services.

Total value of the box is about P4,000.00 and I love that it contains a bevy of salon gcs, especially Browhaus, the only place I trust for brow grooming. Overall, it's a pretty exciting box because it's got new brands from head to foot!

Please visit BDJ BOX on Facebook for inquiries and to subscribe.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ooh I love looking at unboxing posts. I have never tried subscribing to any beauty boxes yet, but I must admit it's really tempting. Those GCs look very much worth it. I'm particularly liking the Browhaus GC. Thanks for sharing the contents of your box Ms. M! :)

  2. The Ellana lip & cheek gel looks interesting. Could you do a review on it? :) Thanks!

  3. I have been waiting na may extra , i really wanted to subscribe.. :( so jealous!!❤️

  4. I have also received mine and its my first box ^_^ and Im happy with it just that mine has different product in it I did not get the AVON CC cream and the mascara I got the Luminous pearls. wanna try out there cc cream.

  5. My beauty resolution is to get a nee hairstyle and color. :) Anyway, I had the Ellana Ruby before and I liked it, but the stain is really hard to remove.

  6. I got that AVON FACE PEARLS, Would have love to try the CC cream. No CC or BB cream goes great with my skin and I am still on the search!

  7. Wow! That's a lot of beauty products and GCs! Too bad I wasn't able to get it.. :(((

  8. Wow! That's a lot of beauty products and GCs! Too bad I wasn't able to get it.. :(((

  9. The box looks nice! Hope I get lucky with my box. BDJ boxes are so popular wait list goes til summer! Crazy!

  10. Same here..I am only interested in the CC Cream and the mascara :D Although the blow dry secret could be a plus too :D

  11. Nice! A lot of interesting prodcuts, can't wait for your review on the CC cream. :)

  12. Kat: You're welcome! :)

    Ravene: Might be able to review it by next, next week! :)

    Winnie: Wish they included the leave-in thingy from Amazing blow-dry secret. That product's the bomb!

    Joyce: Heard that the boxes are sold out til may!

    Rizza: Same sentiments!

    Joriel: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Thanks for pointing out that each box contains random Avon stuff. :)

    Carmela: It's pretty affordable though so you can order it anytime. :)

    Febmin: Go dear! I'm sure it's gonna be worth it!

    Pau B: Yes I will! :)


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