FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Online Shops that sell legit makeup products

Hello guys! Care for some online shopping today? Sharing this question from Maan:

Hi Ms. Martha! :) 
Just want to ask what are the online shops that sell authentic makeup? Thank you :)

Hi Maan!

Good question. I'm sure this will help out a lot of your co-readers who want to shop for makeups online, but are clueless on where to get the real deals. :D

Sol sells legit skin care, makeup, and nail polish products. Her line- up includes: La Roche Posay, Vichy, OPI, Clean Brush Shampoo, Real Techniques, NYX, Skindinavia, Royal and Langernickel, OCC, Duo Lash Adhesive.

More stores after the jump!

Czen sells legit skin care tools and makeups too. She's the authorized distributor of My Konjac Sponge in the Philippines. Her line- up includes: Sleek, Make Up Academy, Koren Zander, and Face Atelier.

If you're interested in Sigma Brushes, Beauty Blender, Cinema Secrets, Graftobian, and Ben Nye products, this is the online shop to visit!

- Sophie, owner of Soffia and Charm Makeup Brushes owns this site too. She sells the following legit Asian brands: Palgantong, 3S Seowoo Pre-Glued Falsies, M2 Skin Refinish, and All Belle Anti-Bacterial False Eyelashes.


- French Macaroons sells authentic EOS Lip Balms and Urban Decay. FM has an account on Instagram!

That's all! Hope you found this helpful! :D

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've bought from Digital Traincase before, and I also follow a few IG cosmetics sellers. I've tried purchasing from 2 of the sellers, and they do make my life easier as I got to buy makeup brands that are not available here in our country. To top it off, I don't even have to go out of the house just to do my shopping. The only downside is I easily get tempted to purchase and in turn making me spend more whenever I see them post new products on their pages.

  2. Have not tried online makeup shopping, but this list is a really great help for online shopping noobs like me.. :)

  3. Hey Martha, I hope you can set your links to open in a new tab since right clicking to a new tab isn't available. :)

    That way, we get redirected to a new page without losing your page.

  4. I also like shopatmakeupholics.com and tastecentral.com :)

  5. nice post sis. this is very helpful especially for makeup noobs like me :) thank you for this. will definitely check them out. have a great weekend!

  6. Make up Hub too!
    if my memory serves me right they are having a team up with Digital Traincase.. ;))

  7. I love bonmarche, but they run out of stock so quickly. Nice, competitively priced US products though. :D

  8. Matromao: Oh, that too! I know they sell authentic stuff, but haven't purchased anything from them yet. :)

    Majorie: Yes! makeup hub! How could I forget! :p

    Angel: Welcome! :)

    Ria: thanks for sharing! :)

    Rae: Fixed! :)

    Kat: Lol, that's always the downside, right! I love that DTC started bringing in skin care products. :)


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