Sydney Diaries 2: Visiting Bondi Beach, Westfield Tower, Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Bridge!

What I love about Sydney is it has EVERYTHING I want: There's the gorgeous, modern city, well- preserved historical landmarks, clean streets, sunny people, YUMMY food, and beaches within reach. If I'm given the chance to live in another country, Sydney would be it! I know I still have lots of countries to visit and see, but I feel that I'll enjoy living here!

So I went sight- seeing in Sydney on my free days and I went to some of the top destinations in the city. I visited these places in one day and I couldn't believe how I did that! For some reason, the word Rest just vanishes from my vocabulary whenever I travel-I just walk, walk, walk until my feet gives up on me. Ah, too many adventures will be wasted if I pause and catch my breath! Besides, I have more time to rest when I become old! :D

 First stop was the famous Bondi Beach. The locals there told me that this is the yuppie's beach. It's a go-to place for the young, wild, and free ones who are into surfing because the waves here are pretty strong and big. Oh how I envy those who live here-they can hit the beach anytime, even after work or school! :p

 Here's the beachside neighborhood of Bondi. It's has a very laid-back mood and the folks here are chill and casual. My Dad also told me that the Bondi area (or any area in the perimeter of the beach) has one of the most expensive property costs in the city.

 Skating and Skateboarding rink almost near the shore. I guess Bondi is the place to be for those who are really active and outdoorsy.

More of Bondi, Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Bridge after the jump! ;)

 See that pool on the beach? That's purely saltwater!

 Just had to do this. :D

 Here's me with some of the top Bloggers in Asia and the lovely girls from Devries PR, posing on this art wall in Bondi. :)

 Next up is the Westfield Tower, the tallest building in Sydney. It's over 1,000 meters high and I felt that my breathing was adjusting when I was on my way to the tower-it was THAT high.

 Made it to the top! Westfield Tower offers a good view of Sydney. You can also tour the outside area of the tower and that's what we did. I have slight acrophobia, but I told myself that I have to conquer my fear (just for that moment!) or else, I'll miss the moment and regret it so off I went with the bloggers. Before the tour, we were asked to put on our safety suits, harnesses, and clamps, but we weren't allowed to bring our mobile phones and cameras so boo, I wasn't able to take photos. :p

I freaked out for a wee bit when I first stepped on the outside because the flooring was made of transparent glass and I could literally see the whole city below me, (I felt light-headed, actually) but the guide told us that per square of glass can hold more than a hundred ton and it's shatterproof/bulletproof too. Whew! 

The tour lasted for about 30 minutes. It's a pretty scary yet epic experience, especially for someone who has a phobia, but overall, it was a one-of-a-kind kind of fun. I would do it again if given the chance! :)

 The faces and smiles of survival haha! We were just so happy that we all got through the tower tour unbruised, intact, and alive lol!

 Here's the Sydney Bridge. It carries traffic between Sydney and the North Shore. The management also offers the activity called Sydney Bridge Climb and yes, that means you will climb the topmost part of the bridge and cross the arch from end to end. I was supposed to do that along with the Olay Team, but they had to cancel it due to the storm. I visited and photographed this majestic landmark on my third day, the day when the storm left Sydney. By the way, it was summer time when I was there, except for that stormy interference. I took this shot from the vicinity of the Sydney Opera House and as you can see, SOH offers outdoor dining. I wanted to dine with my parents in here, but sadly, the place was super packed!

 Uhm, is this a Seagull? These cackling cuties were everywhere and there were a lot of them! They're harmless, but VERY stealthy-if you leave your food unattended, THEY WILL STEAL IT! Even if you don't, they can still find a way to steal it haha! :D

 We're now down to our last stop: The majestic Sydney Opera House!

  When I was young, my mom had bought me a ginormous book called World Atlas. It's a cartoony and kiddie version of the scholastic Atlas, and it featured some of the best landmarks in the world and the Sydney Opera House was one of them along with the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Great Wall of China, and Taj Mahal to name a few. Perhaps that book really encouraged me to be a dreamer and a traveler so I vowed (even when I was younger!) that before I die, I shall visit all the landmarks featured in the book.

I just remembered that moment when I finally laid my eyes on this beauty. Don't mean to be a drama queen, but srsly, I felt teary- eyed when I saw the Sydney Opera House! (Ya know, that thing happens when you realize your dreams are slowly materializing!) It's so glorious and so beautiful that I stared and awed at this structure for 10 minutes straight! :)

SOH was showing an Operetta when I was there, but the ticket was pricey and we didn't have time to watch anyway! There were a lot of people inside and maybe they watched the Operetta. So nice to know that despite how modern the city is, the locals still have a spot in their hearts for tradition. :)

So yeah, there goes my sight- seeing around this fabulous city. Tomorrow, in the final Sydney Diaries blog post, I shall take you to the Wildlife Zoo and Madame Tussaud Wax Museum. Ciao! :D

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  1. These are awesome shots Ms M! More pictures please haha, all you beauty bloggers are so pretty!!! :)

  2. Love the photos! Hope you're having a great time :)

  3. Love the photos! Hope you're having a great time :)

  4. my dream is to live near the beach! the thought of going to the beach before or after work is so amazing! :)

  5. So clean despite the crowd. :) Just looking at the beach photos make me think of fresh air already. *sigh*

  6. Kat: Thanks! :D

    Issa: me too! :D

    Matromao: One nice thing about this city: Air is so fresh!

    Jawsmayobanico: Yes I did! :D


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