Color Me Inglot: Inglot Launches a Super Colorful Summer Collection

 I like buying drawing materials, but sadly, I cannot draw to save my life (Although I can draw a stick figure!). And so I turn to makeup, which is perhaps the only kind of 'drawing' I know and my 'drawing materials' of choice would be Inglot's super colorful Summer Collection!

Jasmine Maierhoffer modeling Inglot's new Fusion Blush and Illuminator

Inglot's got a whole bunch of new makeup products to keep you looking trendy and flawless this summer, so click READ MORE and be in the know. ;)

 Inglot brings in the new HD Illuminizing Powder, a mattifying, smoothing, and illuminating blend of Premium Silicone Powders and Diamond Dust. Texture is super light and blends so well onto the skin, and it comes in five colored shades that yield a slight concealing and correcting effect. Aside from setting liquid makeup and blotting oil, it can also be used as a primer for powder eyeshadows!

 The new Sparkling Diamond Dust is a multipurpose shimmering pigment that can be used to enhance nail polishes, lip gloss, face and body moisturizers, and liquid foundation. You can also use them alone as a highlighter for the collarbones, neck, cheeks, or complexion. Check out how fine the powder is! It doesn't leave irritating chunks of glitter on your skin, but rather an even, smooth shimmering finish! It comes in three shades: Pink, Copper, and Bronze.

 Inglot's well- known for their nail polishes and this is why they continue to innovate their nail products range. Joining their famous nail polish line is the new Pro Perfection Sparkling Nail Art Enamel. These handy bottles contain a non- runny formula that's generous with glitter-It comes in 14 shades. There's also the new PRO Blending Sponge, a latex- free and hypoallergenic sponge applicator that can be used wet or dry on liquid, cream, and powder makeup.

Next up is the fab, fab, fab Bright 'N' Matte lipstick range. It's actually a permanent range, but they've released five attention- grabbing colors this time.

Here are the swatches. My favorite is 424 (Cherry Orange) and 426 (Berry Plum)!

Permanent Color Play Mascaras and Kohl Pencil got some new colors too!

The new Fusion Blush and Illuminator-my favorite in the collection! These babies are meant for contouring, highlighting, and adding colour to the cheeks! The best feature of this product would be its complimenting highlighter and blush combination for natural definition and highlighting.

But wait, there's more. Inglot launches the new Multi-Action Toners which were formulated to adapt with the skin as it changes throughout the seasons. Inglot had thought of releasing Toners this summer because they believe that this classic skin care product just helps calm and cool the skin in this unforgiving weather. The Multi-Action Toners come in three variants: Pink for Normal Skin- contains Black Pearl and Goji Berry extracts to balance skin's pH level; Orange for Dry Skin- contains Lily extracts that moisturize skin; Green for Oily Skin- contains Gingko Biloba that calms and reduces inflammation associated with breakouts and special mattifying ingredients to prevent excess oil on the surface of the skin.

The event was held in Early Bird Breakfast Club in BGC. This is one of the rare morning Press and Blogger events that I've ever attended and I must say, it's plain awesome to start your day with some of the nicest people in the industry! :)

With Inglot's Pauline Lim and Hazel Lim- Lee Hok, Julia Arenas of Bless My Bag, and Mich Sancianco of MEGA Magazine.

Hmmmm...wonder what art I shall come up with with these babies? :D

Inglot's new Summer Collection is now out in their flagship store at Glorietta 5, Makati City. Just visit INGLOT PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

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  1. omg, i like to have that fusion blush. kelan kya ako mkakabili, I am on a shopping ban pa. Anyways, you look fab with your dress Ms.Martha, so pretty :D

  2. They are pretty!How I wish I'll have the courage to apply it on my own face.Lagi lang kc akong si experiment.Mas gusto ko mga BB Creams lang tapos walang blush on baka kc magmukha akong na-jombag..hahaha

  3. My friend and I were just thinking of purchasing colored mascaras. This post is so timely, I wonder how much the mascara costs.

  4. Funny that you posted about Inglot products today 'cos I just bought a handful of eyeshadows from them last night in Glorietta haha :) Inglot is quickly replacing MAC as my favorite makeup brand as of late because of their variety of selections and more affordable prices!


  5. wow. not that pricey pero sa quality..superb.

    btw. how much yung Fusion Blush and Illuminator?

    I often visit their instagram account. <3

  6. Leilani: You're welcome! :D

    Knicknacksnix: the blush/illuminator is around 700php, I believe :)

    Kat: Mascara is around P600.00 :)

    Kylie: Hi and welcome to my blog! That's cool! I have to agree, their products are pretty affordable and great!

    Elsie: It all boils down to application! :)


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