Going Loco Over Photo Apps!

I just did a quick scan of my Instagram page and realized that my photos need some effort so I thought of checking out some of the top- rated photo apps out there. One of which is Camera Plus.

Camera Plus is an all- around rookie and pro photo app because it has Normal, Macro, and Far lens settings so you can take basic, scenic, and ambient shots. It also features a couple of dreamy filters, text labels (with fab fonts to boot!), and camera- like settings so you can come up with a post- worthy photo. If you’re feeling a little lazy and wouldn’t want to go through all the editing process, just click PIX’D and Camera Plus will automatically edit it for you-now all you have to do is just upload the photo! I purchased it using my GCash Amex Virtual Pay, my ever reliable “credit card”. :D

Here are some photos I edited in Camera Plus: 

Another photo app that I like is StackMotion. Basically, it helps you create themed slideshows with matching music!

Man, I love putting captions on my photos. :D I’m actually getting addicted to this stuff. Can anyone suggest other fabulous photo editing apps?

Please visit GCash Amex’s website for more information.


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Try VSCOCam for editing pics! Super easy and beautiful results.

  2. I really like Moldiv and Instacollage for collaging pics plus filters. Aviary is a good photo app. Fuzel is great if you want to randomly arrange the pics into multigrids or in slideshow.
    but of course, camera360 has got to be my fave photo app of all time.

  3. I am crazy with photo apps too. :)

    yes, try vscocam :)


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