Avon Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Gel Lotion and Body Wash Review

Here’s a review on Avon Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Gel Lotion and Body Wash

Price: Body Wash- P300.00; Body Gel Lotion- P330.00
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Gel- based products are beauty staples for me every summer because it’s the nearest thing to splashing on water anytime and anywhere, but minus the mess and wetness. I’ve a gel face moisturizer, a multi- purpose gel that I apply on warm, red, and irritated areas on my skin, but the only thing lacking was a body gel lotion. Lotion is one of my essential beauty products and I can’t leave the house without using it, but I wanted something more watery than the usual.

When Avon sent me their newest lotion and body wash products called Fast Hydration, I just had to let out a huge “WOW!” because finally, my prayers have been answered-THEY CAME OUT WITH A BODY GEL LOTION! :D


Fast Hydration is the newest body care range to join Avon’s best- selling Skin So Soft series. It’s exclusively made for summer and features a gel- based lotion and complimenting body wash. The products are formulated to be absorbed quickly and easily by the skin and are laced with Watermint Oil and Vitamin E.

Ingredients, Body Gel Lotion

Ingredients, Body Wash

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 The Body Gel Lotion is a thick, creamy gel that cools skin upon contact, and has a refreshing aquatic floral scent. It softens skin effectively and it’s also the most hydrating lotion I’ve ever used. You don’t have to spend too much time rubbing it in as I find that it penetrates skin easily and even leaves a dewy barrier. However, it is not that moisturizing as I had observed that I have to reapply it often during the day (I have very dry body skin by the way). What I do is I apply a lot on my skin before leaving the house-that’s enough to keep my skin soft the entire day. This product also doubles as a cooling gel and an after sun gel!

Oh, piece of advice. Make sure that the lotion is rubbed in completely. Otherwise, it will evaporate (because it’s partly water) and you won’t get to take advantage of the amount you took.

The Body Wash is a thick, clear cleanser and features the same aquatic floral scent. It also imparts a slight cooling sensation just like the Gel Lotion, but not by a huge lot. It lathers up very well despite the lack of SLES and SLS in the ingredients, and I like that it’s in clear form and that will somehow minimize the risk of me getting clogged pores and pimples, especially on my back!

If I could describe this line in one word, it would be FRESH. Really, there’s no better word to describe this range! I’m very happy with the products, but I wish Avon could find a way to make the lotion last a little longer on the skin. Nonetheless, I would still repurchase the gel lotion for my daytime skin care regimen!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I super love the gel lotion, it's really perfect for this incredibly hot weather we're having. The scent is indeed fresh!

  2. I've tried the body gel lotion and to me, it feels like water! Definitely a great buy if you want to avoid that sticky feeling you get with regular lotions. With this humid weather, this is so worth it! Thanks for this post Ms. Martha! :)

  3. I hate the way most lotions feel like on my skin. I like the idea of soft, smooth skin but I just cannot stand the sticky feeling most lotions give especially during the summertime. But then I realized how my skin feels and looks thirsty and there were dry patches on most parts of my body. But still, I want to feel hydrated and comfortable at the same time. This is why I prefer using gel-based products because it feels refreshing and non-greasy. Avon is another brand where I usually get my body washes from because they have the most refreshing scents and I think the fragrance stays on for a long period of time which I like. Thank you for sharing your experience with these products because I'm actually looking for a lotion that's easily absorbed by the skin and does not feel overly sticky. And the facts that it doubles as an after sun gel is a plus for me since my skin easily gets irritated after sun exposure leaving me feeling uncomfortable. I want to try these products out to include to my summer skin care routine!

  4. I'd been using avon skin So Soft nung teenager pa 'ko. Si mama kasi dealer ng Avon products dati at 'yan ang inoorder nya na lotion. napakaganda nyan sa balat, Namo-moisturize nya yung skin namin.. :) Ngayon hindi na dealer si mama, kaya di ko na nagagamit ang Avon SSS, ang dami na din kasing branded lotion eh, pero tatry ko ulit, etong bagong labas na SSS.. :) Ayun. Thanks for this post. And more power to your blog. :) <3

  5. the lotion sounds really good specially this summer!

  6. Tried it and really like it! Perfect for summer!

  7. I have never ever ever used any Avon lotion, or skincares products in my life. :)) I've only bought either their make-up or homeware or lingeries, but never the skincare. I would never have guess they were this good with skincare, thanks for the article! :D

  8. This is perfect for summer! Though I had a bad experience with their So Soft line, I think it's the one with pink logo. I got allergies. Don't know why. Anyway, I think I'll pass on this one.

  9. One of the best skin moisturizing products I have used. The gel slides on the skin, and disappears so quickly leaving me with great feeling skin without the sticky bits! This is definitely a summer product that everyone should have. I think it's possibly not suitable for very dry skin as it is a fairly light moisturizer but it does work well for normal skin, and I love it! The Body Wash is equally summer-perfect as well. Although I am really more of a bar of soap kind of girl, using this has changed the way I shower everyday. I was really amazed that the body wash is low-foaming and does not contain any SLS/SLES, but rinses clean and leaves me with soft, moisturized skin. It is very affordable since it is payable in one month so you can save money while using it, really love avon! I was very informed bout this product more because of this post. Super thanks Ms. Martha!

  10. Not a fan of the scent, but I must say that formulas like those are presko. Wonderful for Philippine weather! :)


  11. The first cosmetics and skin care products that I used was fron Avon. I just love how innovative their products are. Lumaki na nga ako sa Avon. :) Gel products are the stapless for summer para less icky feeling kasi di sya sticky so it's really nice that they came up with this product. Really in time for the season. I love their SSS product line cause they really moisturize the skin. Thanks for this post!

  12. Becomingsleek: and the texture too!

    Kaye: Same here! I used to love their Baby colognes. :)
    Thanks for reading!

    Matromao: That's true! :) Hope they won't discontinue it!

    Aegeanne: High five! Love the watery texture too. :)

    Rizza: Awww. :(

    Zarah and arya: same sentiments!

    Lei: High lei! Yes, they're known for Skin So Soft, their main skin care line. :) You should try this soon! :)

    Ricalyn: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Thanks for sharing. :D Hope you'll like this one. :)

    Donna: Hi and welcome to my blog! Thanks for visiting :D

    DearKat: Wee! Hope you'll like it, although I wouldn't advise you to apply it on over burned skin-it still contains alcohol and it might burn your skin even more. Use with caution, dear. :)

  13. i love watermelon scents! so refreshing! i never tried this, but will probably buy this one. this summer days i never use lotions due to the sticky feeling after a couple of hours. sobrang init kasi . thanks for this post Ms.M . nakita ko na rin ang sagot to combat the dryness of my skin during summer days.


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