MAC Playland: A Collection of Fun, Frolic, and Fantasy!

MAC's newest collection for takes us to a world where colorful giraffes prance in the air and pink cotton candy clouds graze the candy cane fields. It's where the sky's always in a peppermint hue and tall neon, trees bear toys, crayons, and balloons. Welcome to Playland!

MAC had organized a fun and ultra colorful launch at Rockwell last week for the Press and their VIP consumers. This blog post serves as your ticket to makeup wonderland so strap on your pink seatbelt and enjoy the ride! :)

Human on Giraffe stilts. Now that looks fun! I've tried walking in stilts before and gaaad, it's super challenging, ha!

 At Playland, diet is not an option!

Here's the entire collection. First word that came to mind was STABILO BOSS because the collection is SUPER COLORFUL-it's arguably MAC's most colorful collection to date. Do you spot the neon pink pigment and yellow lip glass? These items were the ones that caught my eye. :)

But what caught my heart is this shade called Playland, a frosted yellow gold lipstick.

When swatched on the skin, it looks utterly unwearable and is something that you'll buy if you're into avant garde makeup only.

But when I wore it on my lips, it is surprisingly wearable! It looks nude and can even be used on top of a bolder color to create an ombre effect!

Me channeling my J.Lo self and Mikki of Break My Spell channeling her Katy Perry self! :D

With my playmates and Lesley of MAC Philippines. Thank you for the adorable and whimsical afternoon!

 Check out the entire line up below:

LIPSTICKS (P1,000.00)

L-R: Playland, Sweet Experience, Happy-Go-Lucky, Toying Around, Red Balloon, Head In The Clouds

LIP GLASS (P950.00)

L-R: Bright Side, Lots Of Laughs, Carousel, Live It Up, Pure Silliness

CASUAL COLOR (Can be used as a lip, cheek, and eye color; P1,300.00)

L-R: For Your Amusement, Young At Heart, Hi Jinks!

PIGMENT (P1,300.00)

L- R: Ever So Yellow, Hi-Def Cyan, Neo-Orange, Golden Olive


L-R: Genuine Orange, Hi-Def Cyan, Princess Magenta, Black Black

MAC Playland is now available in all local MAC stores (Powerplant Mall, Ayala Center Cebu, SM Aura, SM Mall Of Asia, New Eastwood Mall, Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Shangri-La Mall, Trinoma, SM Megamall). Care sharing the items that you fancy? :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love this whimsical line! All the bold colors are so so pretty! Especially that frosted yellow that I never thought could be a wearable shade. I can see myself layering it on another lipstick. <3

  2. ♥ So that explains the theme of the event! Very playful to look at and so colorful! =)) STABILO BOSS! Haha.
    Toying Around and Sweet Experience caught my attention. But I really like the cotton candy girl. LOL!

    The Playland looks like a nude shade or maybe it's because of lighting?

  3. Toying around disappointed me when I went at my local MAC counter. Pfft But I fell in love with Head In The Clouds and Enjoy it all!

  4. Cotton candy clouds. Yummy! Looks like a fun event! I'm loving the Head in the Clouds lippie and the Chromagraphic Pencils! That Yellow gold lippie does seem like an interesting shade if you plan to make an ombrd out of it. Nice read!

  5. wow. so creative :) the gold one is cute

  6. waaaahh... this looks like an adult playground (not the R-rated version)... hahaha...

  7. Definitely reminds me of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. The gold definitely looks great and it just looks like a nude shade with some gold chunks of glitter! Adorbs!

  8. Lovely: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Nice picks! :) I really want that gold lipstick though haha!

    Majorie: True! :) The whole collection reminds me of skittles :)

    Cat: True!

    Lei: I'm eyeing the orange eyeliner too. :D

    Dearkaaat: great idea! I think it's supposed to be worn that way. :)

  9. Gold Lipstick. Wow! So unique but looks good on you. Swear!

  10. Nakakaaliw! MAC collections are always a blast to check out. I love that you tried out the crazier shade of lipstick, but it turned out to be wearable. Aside from the bold gold, the other colors make me think of candy. Super teenager-friendly kasi.

    As in, if my younger (still kikay though!) self saw this ten years ago, I'd totally obsess over it and feel bad that I couldn't afford it. Haha! Sweet collection.



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