Palmolive Introduces a new bathing pleasure + Newest Celebrity Endorser

Bath time is sacred for most people. Some may call it a reward even. Others take it as a means of preparation for the day ahead. Whatever it means to you, I think we will all agree that bathing is one of the best pleasures in life because it's has always been the easiest way to experience that much- needed "Peace and Quiet" in this crazy world where solitude is, most of the time, elusive, not to mention it can be availed by anybody. So when you're bathing, enjoy it. Savor it. Take your time. Be as lavish as you can get--it's one (if not the only) of the few and precious things that you can give to yourself on a daily basis, so why not indulge?

This is why I highly recommend for you to have a therapeutic product in your shower. It could be something that smells good or feels good so as to make your bath time experience even more pleasurable and special. It doesn't have to be ultra fancy or ultra expensive-just allot P80.00 and you can have a better bath regimen with Palmolive's new Body Wash range. If you enjoy their top- selling beauty soaps, you're sure to enjoy the creamy, delightful version.

Palmolive's new soap- free, fragrant, pH- balanced, moisturizing body wash comes in three variants to suit your mood each and every single day:

1. Calming Moisture Milk and Cherry Blossom- with Cherry Blossom extract for a rejuvenating effect
2.  Soft Moisture Milk and Honey- with Honey extract to soften skin
3. Ultra Moisture Milk and Olive- with Olive extract for deep moisturization

The launch was held in The Spa, Shangri-La Mall and it was hosted by the gorgeous Ginger Conejeros. At the same time, Palmolive has also launched their newest endorser for this product and can you guess who she is? Find out after the cut. :)

She's none other than the ethereal Angel Locsin!

Angel Locsin mused about her favorite variant and it's Ultra Moisture, and I couldn't agree more-it's my favorite too because it smells super light and dreamy!

Again, Palmolive Naturals Body Wash retails at P80.00 for a 200ml bottle and you can find it in all supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores. Just visit PALMOLIVE NATURALS on Facebook for more information about this new product.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I wanna try that Calming Moisture Milke and Cherry Blossom extract, looks perfect after a day's work. And for cheap! 80php! I remember when I tried Palmolive's Aroma Theraphy Body Wash, which also made me very sleepy after bathing.

    thanks for sharing!~ :D

  2. I did get a whiff of the cherry blossom one. It smells nice, if a little bit like cherry candy. If you're looking for a perfume-like cherry blossom, this might not be the one for you. But a fun cherry scent like a slightly more grown-up version of cherry candy? That's the one.


  3. Zoe: Yes they are!

    Matromao: Great description! the cherry blossom one actually reminds me of the body shop. :D

    Lei: Oh I know that! I used to love the red/pink one. :) My favorite in this bunch is Ultra Moisture. :)

  4. I love how fragrant Palmolive soaps are and I wont be surprised if I fall inlove with their body washes as well! I would very much like to try each of those delightful scents especially the cherry blossom one! The combination of milk and cherry blossom sounds dreamy :)

  5. Looking forward to trying these! can't go wrong with a 80pesos per bottle! Ms Martha, which one is your favorite among the three variants?
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  6. ultra moisture for me too. very affordable :-))

  7. napabili ako nito sa supermarket after reading.. :)

  8. I like the packaging! me and my mom like the scent of their shampoos, kaya siguradong magugustuhan din namin this body wash.

  9. brands are coming out with their body washes now... i used to hate using body washes because it seems like more work than using a regular bar of soap, but now i found out that it somehow "forces" me to use a body scrub/sponge and makes me feel cleaner and i love that clean feel on my skin... :D

  10. wow bago from palmolive!! i so love the fragrance of their soaps and shampoo. and now they launched a body wash , Im sure a lot of filipinas will love this product..

  11. I love the intro! Upon reading this i immediately prepare my bath. Hahaha and I savor every moment that I lather my body wash in my skin. I feel refreshed and soft and clean. Next time I will try this palmolive. I love body wash that has super fragrant scent.


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