Sumptuous Sundays: Mad Mark's Creamery and Good Eats

I've been frequenting Glorietta 5 lately due to meetings and glad I did because it's where I found Mad Mark's Creamery and Good Eats, a restaurant that serves huge steaks and fresh ice cream, two of my favorite foods. Double yummeh!

Mad Mark's has the cheapest pricing for huge- a** steak in my opinion and their Ice Cream recipes are what they're truly proud of as they claim that it's fresh, made from scratch, and only contain natural ingredients.

PRICE RANGE: Salad and Appetizer- start at P240.00; Steak- starts at P180.00+; Dessert- starts at P80.00

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Happy Camper- grilled chicken on a bed of veggies wrapped in a dutch crunch roll. It's so huge and filling, but a little messy to eat though. I like the small serving of garden greens as well-it's a great addition if you want to amp up your daily vegetable intake little by little. Regarding the taste, it reminded me of Mexican Burritos-not a fan of that though, but I could say that this dish is okay!

Steak Plate- My favorite! For the steak cuts, they have 3 options: Healthy (150g), Regular (200g), and Feast (300g). This plate is the Feast size and it comes with 3 side dishes of your choice. My personal favorites are Smashed Potato, Bacon and Potato Salad, and good ol' plain rice. Price is very affordable for the size of the meal. For the taste and size, it's somewhere between food court steaks and fine dining restaurant steaks. It's quite juicy too! 

They have steak sauce options and I highly recommend Cream mushroom sauce!

Half- Baked Madagascar Ice Cream- their best- seller, apparently. It's made from Madagascar Vanilla Beans with Cookie Dough chunks. It's good super rich, creamy, and generous with cookie dough chunks, but I find it a tad sweet. Happy to know though that it really tastes as if there are traces of real vanilla beans in the mixture.

If there's one thing that remained in me after visiting Sydney, it's the imagery of their big, juicy, ultra thick steak cuts and I've been longing for that kind of portion here in Manila, and Mad Mark's is the only restaurant that comes close. Overall, portions are hefty, price is reasonable, and food is pretty good-I'm definitely coming back here to satisfy my mad steak cravings!

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ahh, you had me at steak haha, unfortunately Glorietta is out of the way for me but when I do pass by I'll make sure to try it.

  2. All of your orders look so appetizing! They're very generous with their serving. Can't wait to check this place out on my next shopping trip to Glorietta and try their best sellers. :)

  3. That steak plate looks very filling! Where exactly in Glorietta is this place located? I'd wanna try it here, and look at that ice cream, Half-baked Madagascar Ice Cream, love to try that one out!

    Thanks for sharing this really good looking find! <3

  4. The steak reminds me of Bag of Beans in Tagaytay, and I can almost taste it as I read this post. I'd definitely try this place for the ice cream! Yum!

  5. I'm a big fan of their steak plates! It's really one of the best tasting and best prized steak places I've been to. I'm not a fan of their ice cream though, I've had better ones elsewhere.

  6. very affordable foods, i like to try their steak plate :)

  7. Wow looks so yummy! I am so excited to try their best seller which is the Half- Baked Madagascar Ice Cream.

  8. I haven't tried anything but the ice cream from here so far, but I have to say that I loved it. I'm a sucker for homemade ice cream because people get so creative with their recipes. It's a challenge to bring out complimenting flavors in ice cream since it temperature numbs the taste buds a little. Oh diba? Challenging to get it to taste just right.



  9. Foodworldme: I tried whipping up homemade ice cream, but it ended up tasting like ice hahahaha! It's really for the talented ones, I guess.

    Zarah: It's their best- seller, and I tasted why :D

    Leilani: Oh you should! :D

    Becomingsleek: Me too. I'll come back here for the steak alone! :D

    Majorie: Now I'm craving for ice cream haha!

    Lei: Glorietta 5, second fl. :)

    Cel: Hahaha. Everyone loves steak I guess. :D

    DearKaaaT: If you love steak, I'm sure you'll enjoy here! :D

  10. Wow! I love that steak! And for the price of 300php for the feast it is very much affordable! :)

  11. I wish I could go around Makati as often as I used to. Hoping to visit Mad Mark someday soon. Looks like it's going to be worth the trip!


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