ZA Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation in OC30 Review

Here's a review on ZA Cosmetics Perfect Fit Two-Way Powder Foundation in OC30.

Price: Case- P325.00; Powder Refill- P395.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in ZA Cosmetics SM Aura Department Store, Landmark, SM Aura Watson's, Landmark Makati, and Landmark Trinoma


How this product for #ThrowbackThursday? :D I've started wearing makeup as early as the year 2000 (I believe I was in Grade 6 then. Funny that I forgot haha!) and ZA Cosmetics was my first, super pricey face powder! It once came in a white square case with the word ZA printed on the cover. I didn't care back then if the powder looked freakishly white for my skin tone (because I didn't have an inkling about proper makeup application at all!) because I really loved its coverage and oil control. I'm happy that it's back!


Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation promises poreless, long- wearing coverage with its micro-fine powder particles. It's formulated with Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and SPF 20 PA+++ and comes in 8 shades that cater to Pink, Yellow, and Neutral skin tones.

Just like Shiseido's Powder Foundation (which owns ZA Cosmetics, btw), you have to buy the case and powder refill separately in the beginning. Frankly, I like the packaging now than before just because it's PINK! :)

 Here's the powder refill. The darkest shade is OC30, my match in the range.

The powder can be used wet or dry, but I like using it dry because I dislike getting water patches on my powder. Just a quick tip, if you want to boost the coverage of your powder foundation, just apply a bit more moisturizer on your skin-that will give the powder foundation a creamier effect, thus you shall get thicker coverage!

The powder refill, by the way, has a sticker at the bottom. Just remove the paper from the tacky part and stick the pan onto the compact. Once it's stuck, you might not want to force it out of the compact any longer since the sticker is so tough or else, you'll destroy the powder!

More about this affordable and great powder foundation from ZA Cosmetics after the break!


Two layers of the powder foundation

Powder is unscented and coverage is medium to heavy, although you'd still need to conceal dark circles and facial discolorations. I like how smooth the texture of the powder is, and it's slightly creamy and dry consistency will surely suit a wide range of skin types such as oily, dry, and combination dry/oily, oily/normal, or dry/normal. For dry skin types, I would still advise to apply moisturizer prior to usage. OC30 is a medium beige shade with yellow undertones, but the SPF 20 imparts a white cast on me and it shows in photos.

The powder has good smoothing effects and I love that coverage just looks like second skin-it doesn't appear powdery and cakey! I sometimes use this product as a setting powder for my under eyes and lids too.

Oil Control is very good: It takes around 5 hours before I retouch my T-Zone, albeit coverage fades for a bit after that--this is the case if the weather is extremely hot, but if it's cold, coverage stays on longer. If used with a primer, fading is minimized even further.

This is one good daytime powder foundation that I'm willing to repurchase because the shade range is pretty good and it's a great alternative to my ultra favorite Shiseido Powder Foundation-I always use Shiseido in my workouts, but I've finally found an affordable but equally nice alternative to it in this product. The differences between the two powders are: 

Shiseido has even better coverage and staying power
ZA Cosmetics has decent coverage and staying power

Shiseido is pricier
ZA Cosmetics is cheaper

Shiseido's coverage is as good as liquid foundation
ZA Cosmetics' coverage is just powder foundation

Shiseido's coverage feels light, but may feel a lil' thick depending on the variant you have
ZA Cosmetics' coverage feels even lighter.

This powder foundation's darkest shade might be a lil' off for my skin tone, but I just dust Bronzer on top of it and I'm good! Oh, I'm also happy to know that it's still the same ol' powder foundation that I fell in love with back in 2000! :)


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Your skin looked flawless and not cakey at all! It noticeably erased your pores although it does give a white cast because of the SPF but it's nothing that a little swipe of bronzer can’t fix. I like that it's formulated with collagen, hyaluronic acid, SPF, and other moisturizing ingredients. And I've also read from other beauty bloggers that this brand has been one of the best performing for oilier Asian skin. I like that it can be worn by itself and can also be worn over foundation or BB cream as a setting powder. I think it’s pretty affordable compared to other brands since you don't need to use much to get enough coverage and a long lasting finish. I want to try this ASAP, I just hope I can find a suitable shade for my skin tone which I think won’t be a problem since it has 8 shades to choose from. Plus I really like the simple shiny pink almost-mirror packaging! Great review!

  2. Refill is super affordable Ms.M, and in fact you can use it as alternative to Shiseido. Love the case color. But that would be expensive if you have to buy the case and the powder refill hehe but love the coverage!

  3. Question: did it cause you to breakout Ms, M?

  4. I've only known of ZA when I was buying my eyeliner from Majorca Majolica (Their booth where just besides each other at SM) I actually even thought they were just another Korean brand until I started noticing a lot bloggers doing reviews from this brand.I'd love to try this one out because ofhow long it last and because it also fits oily skins, but I'm preferring BB creams more lately than Foundations, are their BB creams also this good?

  5. Very impressed with ZA's quality when I swatched the liquid foundation. Love the coverage, love the feel, and most of all I love the exact color match to my skintone. No doubt this powder's awesome too. :)


  6. Finally! Been waiting for this. I bought the Majolica Majorca powder foundation as alternative for Sheseido's, and I must say that I have never been disappointed with any of their products. Really love that they have refills too.

  7. I love ZA cosmetics since I tried their skincare line last year and found it great for my acne-prone skin. I haven't tried their other cosmetics though and it seems like this Perfect Fit Two-Way Powder Foundation is a good place to start! And it's affordable, too! WOOT! Thanks for the review.

  8. wow, a really nice alternative to Shiseido! It is very affordable :)

  9. The Za Perfect Fit Two-Way Powder Foundation is a great alternative for Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover powder. The Two-Way Powder leaves a matte finish while giving a good coverage. I love that the pressed powder refills from Majolica Majorca and Za are identical in size for I did not need to buy a new case for my Za powder foundation.

  10. Shiseido owns Za? i didn't know that... wow... nice to know...

  11. DearKaaat: Thanks for the insight!

    Cat: Yes they do. :)

    Kristinne: Yup, great comparison. And it has better shade options than MM's powder too. :) Btw, Shiseido's powder compacts fit in Majolica Majorca's case too, but not za. :)

    Maria: Welcome! :)

    Issa: It is!

    Rizza: Yup! I've come to appreciate the refill concept of Japanese brands-they save me a lot of money, really :)

    Matromao: Did you swatch the whitening thing, the one with a curvy bottle? I have that too and I agree, coverage is pretty good (if that's what you're referring to.)

    Majorie: Nope! :)

    Lei: The perfect white bb cream is pretty good! :)

    Jenny: but for something with this kind of coverage, 600php+ is pretty affordable already! :)

  12. It did a wonderful concealment. It's sort of new to me so I am thinking if it's really okay for sensitive skin?

    OT: I saw a cam on the reflection of the case. Hihi. What cam are you using? :D

  13. wow.. i love your finished look!! flawlessly gorgeous..

  14. I always love the look of powder on your skin., looks so flawless always.. And no visible pores! Pano yun? :(

  15. been looking for ZA cosmetics near my area (southern part of Luzon).. i would love to try their skincare line (facial wash, toner and moisturizer) after knowing that this brand is also owned by Shiseido i became bit curious.


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