Colorful Collections from Make Up Factory, BeYu, and Anny

Weather's a little gloomy lately, but that doesn't mean our mood should go with it too! Bring a piece of sunshine with you wherever you go with Make Up Factory, BeYu, and Anny's ultra colorful collection for the nails, eyes, lips, and complexion. Cobalt Blue Eyeliner, anyone? :)

Are you familiar with the song "Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli lollipop"? Because that's the inspiration behind Anny's new limited edition Lollipop Nail Polish Collection! Tune in to the bright side of beauty with these candy- colored polishes ranging from oh-so-sweet to downright funky. These are mini polishes, btw, and you can bring 'em with you everywhere you go so you can retouch your color or change it anytime. The collection also comes with a complementing Nail Art Stencil that lets you combine various shades and come up with a nail art look that's totally you.

Check out the entire range after the break, plus know more about Make Up Factory and BeYu's latest releases!

Here are the colors of Anny's Lollipop Nail Polish Collection. Each bottle is at P380.00:

 Please visit ANNY PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this collection.

We've got a new brand here and it's BeYu! BeYu is a German makeup brand that believes in color as a means for a woman to express her style and individuality. In BeYu, you'll find every single hue you can think off from neutrals to off-the-runway shades. They're launching the new Soft Liner For The Eyes this month-these waterproof pencils come in 20 colors that you can mix and match to enhance your gaze or you can even use them for face art, as an eye base, and more. Soft Liner Pencil retails at P480.00.

Please visit BEYU PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the brand.

Lastly, we have Make Up Factory's Cherry Blossom Collection, a complete range for the eyes, lips, and complexion inspired by no other than the Cherry Blossom flower. Start the school year fresh with this collection's soft, romantic colors. Make Up Factory's makeups are Dermatologist- approved and great for sensitive skin.

The collection includes:

Lip Color (P880.00)- Natural Rosewood and Soft Berry
High Shine Lip Gloss (P680.00)- Dune Rose and Pink Lily
Makeup Base (P1,480.00)
Defining Lip Liner (P850.00)- Antique Pink
Sensitive Eyeshadow Base (P680.00)
Single Eyeshadow (P950.00)- Green Leaves and Cherry Blossom
Blusher (P950.00)- Moulin Rose
Eye Colors Eyeshadow Quad (P1,250.00)- Rose Garden
Automatic Eyeliner (P650.00)- Terra
All In One Mascara (P950.00)- Black
Eyeshadow Brush Small (P680.00)
Blending Shadow Brush (P880.00)

Please visit MAKE UP FACTORY PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this collection.

Which collection excites you? Do let me know! :D

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh my. I absolutely love those nail polish colors. Haven't done my nails in ages... Reminds me... I should soon ;)


  2. Same here! Very excited about those polishes :) Would totally rock "twist and shout".

  3. I've been trying out a lot of eye looks lately that features a pop of color like an aqua blue or a turquoise green. But what excites me the most is Anny's Lollipop nail polish collection! :) I've really been obsessed with candy colored nail polishes as of late. Vibrant-colored polishes make me happy everytime I look at my fingernails.

  4. I'm not much for nail polish (even though the green green grass is intriguing), but the eyeliner collection looks great! And meron sa Watsons ng SM Southmall, so I should find time to give their counter a visit :)

  5. Oooohh. What I'm excited about this is that their hard to find eyeliner colors! I can totally get away with no eyeshadows and just a colorful eyeliner to have that pop of color..

  6. Ganda ng shade ng lipstick! Natural rosewood! <3

  7. Gellie: :)

    Kikaysimaria: Thanks, although it's melted now. :/

    Cincincin: Same with me! It's always the easiest trick to bring out your eyes. :)

    Jill: Hi and welcome to my blog! I have green green grass and I should swatch it soon. :D

    DearKaaat: Same with me! i love that they help me inspire my outfit always :D

    Pau B: I want rock 'n roll kid and color is life! :D


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