Happy Skin Make A Clean Sweep Revitalizing Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Here's a review on Happy Skin Make A Clean Sweep Revitalizing Micellar Cleansing Water.

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It hasn't taken the world by storm just yet, but it's starting to make its presence felt. I'm talking about Micellar Water. What is this wizardry anyway? Here's an explanation from The Beauty Brains:

Micelles are the structures that surfactants form when they reach a certain concentration in water. Think of it this way: Surfactants arelittle chemical bridges with one end that loves water (hydrophilic) and one endthat loves oil (lipophilic).

We may infer from this statement that all beauty products, whether cheap or luxurious, may contain Micelle Water because almost every single beauty product contains surfactants, but the hard part is knowing if the formula actually allows the formation of Micelles. Micelle Water first came out in luxurious brands and is dubbed as a gentler alternative to most makeup removers and is highly prized for its ability to trap dirt and oil effortlessly. However, it is not cheap. Now given my previous statement, why does it cost an arm and leg? Simple. Aside from marketing, these luxury brands have guaranteed that there are indeed Micelles in the formula so no need for you to guess.

I guess the only thing you need to know is this: Micellar Water is a great makeup remover for any skin type, even those with sensitive skin and it need not be expensive. Props to Happy Skin for coming up with a Micellar Water that won't require you to fork a good portion of your salary just to experience it.


Happy Skin's Micellar Water came straight from France and promises to remove all dirt, makeup, and oil in a few swipes, plus imparts a soft, refreshing, and soothing effect to the skin too.


Here's your ticket to experiencing the legend that is Micellar Water. Click READ MORE for the rest of the review!

The product only comes in a 100ml bottle and with a controllable pump dispenser. I use a cotton pad with this product all the time. It is unscented and literally like water!


Yes, I said that it feels just like water, but it's a lil' slippery than water. I take three pumps per pad to cover my entire face and I do it twice just to make sure that I have removed every trace of makeup completely, but I noticed that I've been using the product faster than I'm supposed to so I ditched the second cotton pad and the effect on my skin was still the same: My skin feels oh-so-clean and I noticed that it makes it feel really smooth like glass, which is the same effect I get after scrubbing. I've read that Micellar Water encourages quick cell turnover too so maybe that explains that!

Can it remove waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and lip products? Yes oh yes, albeit you may need to scrub your lips and eyes for a while to remove mascara, eyeliner, lip tints and stubborn lipsticks. If I may add, it doesn't sting the eyes and has no taste too.

I like this product for it is quite multitasking: It cleans my face and 'scrubs' it to boot (sorta'). However, I don't think it may suit those with sensitive skin because as per the ingredients list, it contains other plant- derived extracts so if you have this skin type or if you're hypersensitive, test it out first. So far, I didn't break out from it. I just wanna share that I did a crazy experiment with it: I hit the sack one time without rinsing my face with regular facial soap and water after using it just to know if it really removes every single trace of gunk on my skin. I woke up the next day without a pimple so I therefore conclude, this thing cleans the skin thoroughly!

How does it compare with Bifesta Cleansing Water?

Bifesta is cheaper
Happy Skin is a tad bit expensive

Bifesta comes with four variants to suit a range of skin types and needs
Happy Skin's formula is almost good for all

Bifesta has cleansing and soothing benefits
Happy Skin has cleansing, soothing, and polishing benefits

Happy Skin's Micellar Water, in my opinion, is another legit cleansing water with 'scrubbing' benefits to boot-best for you if you dislike gritty scrubs and peels. Suits those who prefer a makeup remover that's very light too. Also, I think it's best for oily skin because in my experience, it always gives my skin a refreshing feeling and keeps it matte (but not taut and dry) for a couple of minutes after every use. It's also quite affordable so if you want to know what the fuss with Micellar Water is all about and how it will work for you, grab this! One bottle lasts for a month and a half if used once a day-I just wish it came in a bigger size though!


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  1. I like the comparison with Bifesta! That was what I was going to ask actually. :P

  2. I would've loved to try this one but I already had a new Bifesta bottle. So chemist thingy the micelles are. That makes it more appealing.

  3. On a per ml basis, I think this may be more expensive than other brands of micellar water, but those who want to try without much a commitment will be pleased. :) -Matromao

  4. Definitely a must try for me since I'm getting kind of bored with my usual cleansing oil :)

  5. becomingsleek: :D

    dearkaat: go for it! :D

    matromao: that's true, and it's quite affordable too. :)

    majorrie: agree!


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