Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge and Wildblue Noir: Get Ready For A Romantic Night!

I get extra cheesy when July is about to arrive as this month marks my boyfriend and I's anniversary. On the night of July 7, we became a couple, he gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and I granted him our very first kiss. (YIHEEE! LOL!) He knows how much I love flowers and he makes it a point to give me a pretty bouquet during special occasions. Call me old- fashioned will ya', but I think the flower- giving tradition in any relationship should remain forever-it has this inexplicable, utterly romantic effect that I can't describe other than it just makes me feel so loved and remembered.

Now my anticipation for July was heightened even more when I attended Banana Republic's quaint launch for their new couple fragrances, Wildblue Noir EDT and Wildbloom Rouge EDP.

Night time and flowers-they're very special to me because they remind me of the most special guy in my life. Wildblue Noir and Wildbloom Rouge capture the scent of a romantic, clement evening peppered with the aroma of soft flowers. These charming and sensual fragrances bring to mind the story of two people who are lost in the dance of true romance.

More about these date night fragrances after the jump!

Wildbloom Rouge is a deeper version of the original Wildbloom, targeted to the carefree, confident woman who is never afraid to get in touch with her sensuality. Top notes are sparkling with Bergamot and Clementine, the heart reveals a warm accord of Magnolia and Jasmine, and finally, the base notes encapsulate the entire fragrance in a sultry accord of Sandalwood and Amber.

Wildblue Noir is a seductive version of the original Wildblue. A great fragrance to compliment any chivalrous, charismatic modern man, Wildblue Noir is an aromatic woody fragrance with aquatic nuances and herbs at the top, earthy spices in the heart, and seductive musk and suede at the base.

Here are the previous fragrances of Banana Republic. If you're looking for something fresh, try Wildbloom Verte. If you want something that can transition from day to night, try Wildbloom.

Of course Banana Republic's classic W and M fragrances were there too! These foundation fragrances still remain as the brand's best- sellers. Mom was once a huge fan of W!

Rustan's asked us to bring our better half to the event, but my BF had to work that day. They held a fun game called 'smelling' game for those who brought their guys with them, while I remained as a spectator. 

Perfumed star cut- outs were randomly taped on the guys' bodies and the girls were asked to locate at least one star cut- out through their sense of smell and while blind folded. Nikki won the game! :)

With the gorgeous Aireen of Rustan's and Sabs of The Makeup Maven. Trying out my Sony Alpha 5000's selfie/groufie feature! :D

Days before the event, they asked us to submit a couple photo. I was completely clueless on what it was for and turned out that they used it for this fabulous sketch! How lovely! I gave it to my boyfriend and told him that we now have our very first item for our future house haha!

It's always a pleasure being around these people! :)

Banana Republic, fyi, is one of the most affordable perfume brands around. Wildbloom Rouge EDP retails at P2,500.00 (50ml) and P3,200.00 (100ml), and Wildblue Noir EDT is at P2,300 (50ml) and P2,900.00 (100ml). You don't really have to spend so much just to experience good fragrances! If you're interested with these, just visit RUSTAN'S on Facebook for more information.

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  1. i miss reading your blog! looked for posts about perfume and was not disappointed. so jealous that you get to be invited to these events. :) nice post and will definitely try out wildbloom and wildblue for the fiance. much love, detsy ;)


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