OOTD: Spring

Hallelujah! It's starting to rain and weather's considerably cool lately. As a celebration, I wore my most favorite articles of clothing, the good ol' sweater and a trusty pair of leggings. This pair from Forever21 is my favorite lately because I so love the print!

TOP: Promod
BOTTOM: Forever21

More about this look after the break!

BAG: Prada

ACCESSORIES: Necklace from a Bazaar; Earrings from my mom's friend


Duck face to make you laugh on a Wednesday! :D

Have a great day, guys! :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I so love your outfit here Ms. Martha! <3 especially the necklace and the printed leggings. How I wish I'm artsy enough to know how to make an outfit idea like this.. hehe

  2. Love yo shoes! Leggings look a bit funny on me cos I'm pretty shapeless huhu. You look amazing!

  3. That color would look lovely to spice up a rainy day :)

  4. are those leggings? i love ootd's!

  5. This look is sooo adorbs.. i love it! I will try this next time, maybe my mom's old jacket and a pair of leggings! ;))

  6. Like I always say, I prefer an outfit post of a beauty blogger than a fashion blogger haha I don't know whats with me but I feel like these beauty blogger ootds are more realistic and wearable without having to compromise the trend and comfort! I always save your ootds ms.martha!! Lovet

  7. Marseille: Hi and welcome to my blog. Thank you and enjoy reading! It's simple, just choose whichever you want to focus on and go all out in there. :D

    Cincincin: Haha. Thanks! :D

    Vinnie: Thank you! Welcome to TBJ! :)

    Sincere: Forever21. :)

    Majorie: That sounds cool :)

    Laneige: Yes! :)

    Pau: Indeed!

    DearKaat: Thanks dear! Try playing up with prints and textures. ;)

  8. wow! I like it! I have always love Forever 21! Their pieces are simply cool!


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