BAG REVIEW: Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold Velo in Black + Spot A Fake Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold Velo

If you're into Balenciaga or you want to buy a Balenciaga bag soon, the Velo is definitely what I would recommend (aside from the City) because it is a very functional, practical, roomy bag that goes well with anything. It also has this very versatile look that it can serve as a great day bag and a chic purse for night time as well.

Balenciaga Velo is one of the brand's most iconic day bags. It comes in the classic and Giant 12 hardware. Here's a quick description of this bag from

Hand stitched handles • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap • Top zip closure • Leather tassel zipper pull • Front zip pocket • Interior zip pocket with Balenciaga embossed leather label • Double phone compartment inside • Leather framed mirror • Made in Italy

Balenciaga Velo Classic and Giant 12 both have the same size, but they differ in a few ways. The Classic has tassel zipper pulls, decorative tassels, and comes with aged brass hardware, while Giant 12 (which comes in two types of hardware: Gold and Silver) comes with medium- sized studs and leather flap zipper pulls.

The City and Velo pretty much have the same features and look, except for some minor differences. If you wanna know how to spot a fake Balenciaga, click HERE.

Disclaimer: This authentication post is only intended for the featured bag.

Is Balenciaga Velo the right bag for you? Click READ MORE and find out!

My Velo is Giant 12 Gold and color is Black. When it was new, it already showcased significant veining on the leather, which is absolutely normal-this is what makes Balenciaga exquisite and unique as no two vein patterns look alike. I actually don't mind it because those veins gave my bag a very unique and luxe texture.

Style is similar to the City.

Here's a closer look at the stud. Giant 12 studs have square patterns with arched lines outlining them. If you noticed, the buckle has square- ish patterns too. If the studs and buckles on your Giant 12 Velo do not bear these features, Beware!

Just like the City, it comes with a mirror too.

The handles feel as thick and sturdy as the ones on the City, and they're secured with ropes too.

The strap that comes with it is longer than the City because it's actually a cross-body. The straps are removable so you can carry the bag by the arm or hand.

The straps, instead of having a buckle, have a pin lock. If your Giant 12 Velo's strap comes with buckles, Beware!

Here's the ring, clamp, and bale for reference.

Giant 12 Velos come with regular zipper pulls, but has leather flaps attached to them. The zipper lining on this bag (at least on mine) is pretty jagged and the zippers don't run smoothly on it--even if I prefer having it the other way around, I've finally appreciated that 'flaw' because I realized it's actually a safety feature: no one can open the bag easily!

The Velo is prized by many for its super spacious interior lined with a cotton canvas. It's wide and deep, and the leather is very flexible and even expands for a bit. My cat can even fit in the bag, no kidding!

Velos come with a leather tag inside the bag instead of a metal plate as seen on the City. If your Velo comes with a metal plate inside, Beware!

In the interior, you'll find three pockets: the zippered one and two open pockets. If your Velo doesn't come with three pockets, Beware!

Balenciaga Velo, in my opinion, looks gorgeous in Black and I opted for Giant 12 gold because this is a stunning combination, and I have this fascination over anything that's gold-look how the studs pop out beautifully on the canvas. 

As gorgeous as the Giant 12 studs are, I have to admit that they add weight to the bag and the whole thing could get really heavy if you bring a lot of stuff like I do. There's also this known issue with the Giant 12 studs and it's that they pop out of the bag-it happened to me. Methinks the studs are way too big that's why they're prone to movement, thus they're more likely to loosen up unlike the regular studs. This is an unacceptable defect given the price of the bag, but I guess I just have to deal with it and same with the other Giant 12 Velo owners who encountered this problem too. I can't help but love this bag though-it's just too pretty for words! 

If you have this bag and you experience this issue, email Balenciaga Paris' Customer Care directly and they will replace the studs and ship it to your doorstep for free, although it will take a while especially if you're living outside Paris-mine took 4 months! You can also course your requests through Balenciaga Philippines at Greenbelt 5-they'll order the replacements and have them shipped to the store, but you have to pay P1,200.00 to cover the shipping and miscellaneous costs-they'll screw the stud on your bag for free though! However, this is the fee for the studs only-I don't know how much Balenciaga Philippines will charge for the other parts such as the buckle, straps, and zipper pulls.

Is Balenciaga Velo Giant 12 for me?

The Velo is a very practical bag and I love that it manages to look luxurious without the brand's name plastered all over it-this is what I love about Balenciaga's bags-all of them. It also has this low- key look that you can bring it to school and a classy appearance that you can bring it to work. Bottomline, this bag is perfect for the everyday gal, although the weight of the Giant 12 studs is something that you should consider before purchasing.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I generally like bags made of genuine leather without logos plastered all-over. I'm a firm believer that if your purse is beautiful, people don't need to know or be reminded of the brand all the time--people will appreciate it because of the fine material and craftsmanship. :) Also, I find logos kind of tacky, but maybe that's just me.

  2. I've seen the same bag many times, mostly from international fashion bloggers. It's really versatile as you describe it, and can really look edgy or chic depends on how you want to rock it that day. :)

  3. I also like to have my own collection of Branded/Quality Bags that I could use for a long time ^_^

  4. Ahhhhh! My dream bag. Since i can't afford it, I go by the one inspired by this. Haha. :) Sooo stylish. I swear when I have a job, I will save up for this bag that I've been dreaming for so long. :D I always love the combi of black and gold because I find it classy. :)

  5. Ang gondah! Hmmm, the botomline for me is that I can't afford it now...but I will someday
    **wink** lols. I feel you sis @itsmefati @Carmela

  6. This bag is very familiar I might have seen it already in online shops and local tiangges, now I know they copied it from Balenciaga, I never had a signature bag before but iI find that t's nice to invest in bags like these :) quality is assured yet it is so classy! you can even wear it whatever your ootd is.

  7. Ria: Same that's why I was never fond of the monogram LVs-for LV, I go for the Damiers. The only lv bags with logos plastered all over them that I like are Vernis and Bandouliere leather because the logos are discreet!

    Kim: And it's nice for the image too. :)

    Carmela, Jen, and itsmefati: I pray that you gals will get your dream bags soon! :D

    Betsy: Agree, that's why I love it. I've always loved versatile bags. :)

  8. Giant hardware bags have the leather tag and the regular studs have a metal plate.
    In the future, unless you're knowledgeable on the subject (which you obviously aren't), "BEWARE!" of giving advice.

  9. hello, may i ask u some questions? because im buying a preloved balenciaga bag but am still in doubt if the bag is really authentic or not.

    what year is your balenciaga velo?
    what season is your balenciaga velo?
    is you bag comes with zippers head that has B logo on the back side?
    and what about the leather condition? is it slouchy like other balenciaga bag? or is it firm?


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